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CRS - Companies for Republican Security
Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité

Companies for Republican Security are mobile units forming the general reserve of the national police. Created after the Liberation to contribute to the restoration of the republican legality, they have since been then engaged during of insurrectional strikes of 1947-1948, then from 1952 to 1962 for law enforcement in the departments of Algeria. During the course of their fifty years of existence, CRS have seen their missions diversify, and today, along with restoration of public order and law enforcement, they provide support to most of the other missions of the Police. Thus CRS have assigned missione of road safety missions, policing major transportation routes at sea and in mountains, and they reinforce others administrations:

Their territorial organization is on three levels:

Addtionally there are three continuous training stations and a dedicated station for the training for mountaineering and skiing. In total, CRS employs nearly 14 000 officials of all ranks (commissioners, officers, gradés and guardians) and thousand of technical and administrative agents.

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