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International Liaison Department
[China Association for International Friendly Contacts]
General Political Department

The PLA General Political Department (GPD) maintains the Communist Party of China structure that exists at every level of the PLA. It is responsible for overseeing the political education, indoctrination and discipline that is a prerequisite for advancement within the PLA. The GPD controls the internal prison system of the PLA. Ye Xuanning, son of the CPC's Marshal Ye Jianying, is director of the Liaison Department of the PLA General Political Department with the rank of major general.

The International Liaison Department of the General Political Department is publicly known as the China Association for International Friendly Contacts. The department prepares political and economic information for the reference of the Political Bureau. The department conducts ideological and political work on foreign armies, explaining China's policies, and disintegrate enemy armies by dampening their morale. It is also tasked with instigating rebellions within the Taiwan army and other foreign armies.

The Liaison Office has dispatched agents to infiltrate Chinese-funded companies and private institutions in Hong Kong. Their mission is counter-espionage, keeping watch on their own agents, and preventing foreign agents buying off Chinese personnel.

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