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Foreign Affairs Bureau

The Foreign Affairs Bureau coordinates and develops cooperation with foreign intelligence organs.

The intelligence agencies of China and Pakistan have worked very closely since the 1960s, including cooperation on nuclear weapons technology and Chinese support of Pakistan in its war with India. Despite official Chinese support of Arab countries, close secret ties exist with Israeli intelligence agencies. Israel is supplying the China with much-needed Western military technology to drive a wedge between China and the Arab countries. Since the 1980s senior intelligence leaders from both countries have exchanged visits on several occasions.

Close ties between Chinese and North Korean intelligence agencies include North Korean providing information on Japan gathered by Korean nationals in Japan as well as intelligence on American forces in South Korea.

In the 1970s and 1980s when China and the United States made common cause against the Soviet Union, the Chinese permitted the United States to establish several intelligence collection facilities along the Soviet border.

In the wake of the recent Sino-Russian reconciliation and Sino- U.S. estrangement, the Chinese and the Russians have forged an Asia-Pacific strategic partnership. The intelligence organs of the two countries are collaborating in collecting diplomatic, political, economic and military intelligence in the Asia-Pacific region.

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