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Patterns of Global Terrorism: 1992

Appendix A
Chronology of Significant Terrorist Incidents

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9 January Pakistan

An Afghan working for the UN Operation Salam mine awareness program was shot and killed outside his home in Peshawar.

17 January Philippines

Michael Barnes, Vice President and General Manager of Philippine Geothermal, Incorporated, and Vice President of the American Chambers of Commerce, was kidnapped in Manila by members of the Red Scorpion Group, a gang comprised of some former New People's Army members and criminal elements. On 18 March he was rescued by elements of the Philippine National Police and other government forces during a coordinated raid.

21 January Colombia

US citizen Edward Faught was kidnapped in Bagre, Antioquia Department, by suspected National Liberation Army terrorists. He was released from captivity on 30 November 1992 in El Bagre, Colombia.

Suspected Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas kidnapped US citizen Michael James, a geologist, in Mutata, Antioquia Department. James was released on 3 March near the place from which he had been taken.

11 February Peru

Probable Sendero Luminoso terrorists car-bombed the US Ambassador's residence in Lima. The blast killed three policemen and wounded a fourth and several passers-by.

7 March Turkey

A bomb placed under a car exploded in the Cankaya District of Ankara, killing the Israeli Embassy's security attache and seriously injuring two Turkish boys.

17 March Argentina

Hizballah terrorists truck-bombed the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires. Islamic Jihad--a covername for Hizballah--publicly claimed responsibility for the attack and provided a videotape of the Embassy taken before the bombing to authenticate the claim. The three-story Embassy was leveled, and a nearby church, school, retirement home, and private residences were seriously damaged. Casualties totaled 29 dead and 242 wounded.

20 March Iraq

Assailants in Baghdad attacked a car belonging to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Two Iranian diplomats were beaten during the attack.

27 March Colombia

A bomb destroyed the facade of the US-owned Diners Club in Bogota and killed one employee. Five passers-by were injured. FARC claimed responsibility for the attack.

22 April Afghanistan

An Icelandic employee of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was murdered by an unidentified mujahid in the town of Kowt-e `Ashrow (Maidanshar) outside Kabul.

23 April India

A bomb exploded in New Delhi at the Loomis Restaurant in the Vivek Hotel. Thirteen foreign tourists and two Indian waiters were injured.

20 May Kuwait

Two Romanian circus performers were wounded when four assailants attacked their bus with machineguns. No one claimed responsibility.

10 June Panama

A US Army vehicle was raked with gunfire between Panama City and Colon, killing the driver and wounding the passenger and a civilian bystander.

14 June Pakistan

Unidentified assailants killed a Japanese engineer working in Peshawar for the United Nations.

3 July Spain

Two bombs exploded in an underground parking lot on the main street of San Sebastian, where the first Tour de France bicyclists were expected to arrive on 4 July. The explosion caused one injury, and two cars were damaged.

6 July Iraq

The wife of French President Francois Mitterrand escaped injury in a car-bomb attack near the town of Hawana, Iraq. Four people were killed, and at least 19 others were injured.

8 July Iraq

Two UN soldiers were wounded in a grenade attack in Irbil. 15 July Egypt

Three armed assailants attacked a tour bus near Luxor, slightly injuring four tourists.

17 July Iraq

A UN guard was assassinated in Dahuk. 20 July Iraq

A bomb explosion destroyed a UN vehicle near Sulaymaniyah. Two UN soldiers were injured.

21 July Peru

Suspected Sendero Luminoso terrorists detonated a car bomb near the front entrance of the Bolivian Embassy in Lima. The bomb injured 15 people and caused severe structural damage.

24 July Peru

Five American Airlines workers in charge of cleaning and loading tasks were wounded by a bomb that exploded at Lima's Jorge Chavez Airport.

4 August Germany

A dissident Iranian poet was stabbed and killed in Bonn. 26 August Algeria A bomb exploded in Algiers at the Houari Boumedienne International Airport, near the Air France ticket counter, killing 12 people and injuring at least 128.

5 September Colombia The Simon Bolivar National Guerrilla Coordinating Board detonated an explosive device on a pipeline, spilling an estimated 10,000 barrels of oil. Three children died and five persons were injured.

9 September Turkey Probable Kurdistan Workers Party terrorists attacked the Mobil exploration site near the city of Batman. Several non-American workers were wounded.

17 September Germany Four Kurdish separatists from Iran were assassinated at a Greek restaurant in Berlin. One of the three was the leader of the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran whose predecessor was assassinated by Iranian agents in Austria in 1989.

2 October Peru Five Sendero Luminoso terrorists assassinated an Italian lay missionary in Jangas.

12 October Iraq A US soldier serving with the United Nations was stabbed and wounded near the port of Umm Qasr.

21 October Egypt A bus carrying foreign tourists was attacked by two unidentified gunmen in Dayrut, southern Egypt. One British tourist was killed, and two others were wounded.

23 October Colombia British businessman Arthur Kessler was kidnapped in Magdalena by the FARC guerrilla movement. He was killed by the FARC the next day during a Colombian military rescue attempt.

2 November Iraq A bomb exploded in a market near the headquarters of the UN guard contingent in Irbil. One person was killed, and 16 were injured.

7 December Jordan Two assailants shot and killed an Iraqi nuclear scientist near his residence in Amman.

25 December Rwanda Twenty people, including four French soldiers, were injured when a bomb exploded in a Kigali nightclub.

28 December Peru Sendero Luminoso guerrillas detonated car bombs at the Japanese and Chinese Embassies in Lima, causing injuries and damaging more than 60 homes and buildings. At least 12 people were injured by the car bomb at the Japanese Embassy; all were bystanders, neighbors, or in passing vehicles.

29 December Yemen An explosion at the Gold Mihor Hotel in Aden killed an Austrian national and seriously injured his wife. About 100 US soldiers, part of Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, had been staying in Aden since mid-December.

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