Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Conference

MUSE Brief Outline

3-5 November 1998

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Table of Contents

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MUSE Brief Outline

JTC/SIL Charter

Current Joint Management

JTC/SIL Architecture

JTC/SIL Core Capabilities

JTC/SIL CY99 MUSE Modeling and Simulation Activities

Multiple Unified Simulation Environment (MUSE)

What MUSE Provides

MUSE Benefits

MUSE History

MUSE Locations As of October 1998

Visualization System

MUSE Simulated UAV Video

MUSE Payload Video Scenes

MUSE Payload Video BDA Scene

Ground Control Station (GCS) Driver

GCS Driver Example Display Windows 95, 98 or NT

Control Station Surrogate (CSS)

CSS Example Display DII COE Compliant Application w/JMTK System Chart and TACCOM

Current MUSE Software Configuration (UFL 98 Regression Tested)

JTC SIL Joint Exercise Support Center

MUSE Support To AWEs

MUSE Support to AWEs

Model C4I Architecture - UFL 98

MUSE Network at Hurlburt Field for EFX 98

UAV Operational Environment

Multiple System Architecture Evaluation

MUSE Welds the Development Family Together

MUSE Points of Contact

Author: Gina Best