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The TRQ-32 "Teammate" is a mobile, groundbased electronic warfare signals intelligence (EW/SIGINT) asset. It is used as a tactical direction finding and intercept system providing support to the tactical commander. Teammate is capable of performing netted direction finding operations with other Teammates and various other platforms.

Technicians at Tobyhanna Army Depot, Pa., are using M-1078 Heavy Humvees to carry communications- electronics (C-E) systems such as the AN/TRQ-32 Teammate jammer system. The depot is equipping the vehicles with an electrical environment kit that gives Heavy Humvees more capacity to handle newer satellites, radar, and C-E systems. Each kit, which costs $24,000, contains a 400-amp alternator that replaces the 200-amp alternators now in use. The kits also contain a tachometer and an hour meter that allows the systemís operator to monitor the time and power used, a power interface box assembly for circuit protection, a safety cut-off switch, and associated brackets and cables. The kits allow Humvees to power a C-E system in the field without a generator.

The EH-60A helicopter is fitted with the AN/ALQ-151 (V)2 Quick Fix equipment, and features the Host Interface Unit to connect with the All-Source Analysis System (ASAS) Tactical Commander's Analysis Center (TCAC), and an improved Teammate direction-finding link.

  • Mobile, multistation, ground-based communication intercept and direction finding system.
  • 4 x 98G (Linguists)
  • 5 to 10 Km from FLOT
  • Requires level terrain with radio line-of-sight to enemy transmitters for accurate direction finding.
  • M1097 HHMMWV prime mover
  • Intercept in HF, VHF, and UHF frequency ranges.
  • Direction finding capabilities in VHF frequency range.
  • PRD-12 backup system allows HF DF.
  • Forms DF network with other TRQ-32, PRD-12, TRAILBLAZER (TSQ-138), and QUICKFIX (ALQ-151) systems to increase accuracy.

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