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TRAFFICJAM is a tactical communications jammer. The original system (AN/TLQ-17A(V)1) was configured using two M151 Jeeps and two M416 Towed Trailers. When the Jeeps became obsolete, the AN/TLQ-17A(V)1 was re-configured to a (V)3 which housed the electronics in an S-250 shelter, and used a commercial utility cargo vehicle (CUCV). When the Highly Mobile Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV) was approved for use by the Army, the CUCV was replaced by the HMMWV. The AN/TLQ-17A(V)2 is the configuration of TRAFFICJAM that is used on the AN/ALQ-151(V)2 (QUICKFIX).

The AN/TLQ-17A(V)4 (SANDCRAB) is the designation for the long range COMINT and Jamming System. SANDCRAB employs the AN/TLQ-17A(V)3 and an OE-317 Antenna System.


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