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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Micro-Air Vehicles (MAVs)

A new family of Micro-Air Vehicles (MAVs) that are at least an order of magnitude smaller than current flying systems (less than 15 cm in any dimension) will be developed and demonstrated. The capability to accomplish unique military missions as diverse as covert imaging in constrained areas, biological-chemical agent detection and characterization, remote precision mines, and urban battlefield communications enhancement, will be stressed through an examination of a variety of vehicle concepts. The resulting capability should be especially beneficial in the emerging urban warfighting environment, characterized by its complex topologies, confined spaces and areas (often internal to buildings), and high civilian concentrations. The MAV program will focus on the technologies and components required to enable flight at these small scales, including flight control, propulsion and lightweight power, navigation and communications. These will build upon and exploit numerous DARPA technology development efforts, including advanced communications and information systems, high performance computer technology, Microelectro-mechanical Systems (MEMS), advanced sensors, lightweight, efficient high density power sources, and advanced electronic packaging technologies.

FY 2000 activities include development of flight enabling technologies for micro air vehicles, flight demonstration of the hovering Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) system, and complete fabrication and flight test of the fixed wing MAV system. FY 2001 activities include completing advanced Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) development including system fabrication and flight-testing; complete military concept of operation evaluation and complete transition of MAV systems to services.

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