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Fixed Distributed System (FDS)

The Fixed Distributed System (FDS) is low frequency passive acoustic surveillance system using hydrophones densely distributed on the sea floor. FDS will provide cuing information vital to fleet and national command authorities. FDS technology is the only hardware available for new bottom mounted undersea surveillance systems.

FDS currently is operational and has successfully demonstrated the ability to detect, classify, and track quiet submarines. The outstanding results achieved to date validate the fact that acoustic ASW remains feasible against advanced-capability nuclear and diesel-electric submarines. New fiber-optic technologies, algorithms, and enhanced signal processing are enabling exploitation of weak signals in environments of high background noise and provide timely and accurate detection and track data to tactical assets.

BBN is currently teamed with Loral Federal Systems to perform engineering and development services in connection with two U.S. Navy procurements, the Fixed Distributed System Shore Signal and Information Processing Segment ("FDS SSIPS") program and the Advanced Deployable Systems ("ADS") program. Both the FDS SSIPS and ADS programs are components of the U.S. Navy's Integrated Underwater Surveillance System. In connection with the FDS SSIPS program, BBN's role has been to define the overall operational concept for FDS SSIPS, and to provide software development and operational training. BBN expects to perform a similar role in connection with the ADS program. Although the scale of the FDS SSIPS program has been reduced since its inception, BBN believes that it will continue to be involved in the FDS SSIPS program for several more years.

On December 12, 1996 Alcatel Submarine Networks, Incorporated, Portland Ore., was awarded an $8,884,914 firm-fixed-price contract to provide armored fiber optic replacement cable for the Fixed Distributed System of the Fixed Surveillance System Program. Work will be performed in Portland, Ore., and is expected to be completed by December 1997. Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year. This contract was competitively procured electronically via the contracting activity's bulletin board system with two offers received. The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Arlington, Va., is the contracting activity

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