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FAS Project on Intelligence Reform

Sensor Reach

CLASSIC OWL includes operation of the AN/TSQ-161(V) and AN/TSQ-181(V) equipment deployed at various sites, such as Edzell, Scotland. The CLASSIC OWL training, held at NSGA Winter Harbor, is 182 days long and is considered a PCS move. This is an arduous, but rewarding, assignment and special screening is required. Hangar 2 on Shemya Island remained an aircraft hangar for 45 years, but now houses US Navy trailers as part of their Classic Owl project, which has signed a letter accepting responsibility. Facility 110 on Shemya was originally constructed in 1961 for the purpose of serving DoD. It now houses both the US Navy and the 381st Intelligence Squadron, performing the Classic Owl and Sensor Reach classified missions. A 60K roof cover replacement was just completed and the boilers are to be replaced in the near future.

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