Contributors to the Final Report

One of the most difficult and important tasks of the Office of Independent Counsel has been the preparation of this Final Report. Since this Report seeks to cover the most important aspects of a lengthy and complex investigation, it is a product of all who have served in the Office of Independent Counsel in the Iran/contra matter_the lawyers, the investigators, and the support staff. To all of them, this office owes a debt of gratitude.

In addition, Independent Counsel would like to give special recognition to the following individuals who participated in the preparation of this Report:

Editors, Mary J. Belcher, Michael D. Vhay, and James G. Wieghart.

Lawyers, Thomas E. Baker, John Q. Barrett, Steven A. Ellis, Vernon L. Francis, Craig A. Gillen, Jeffrey S. Harleston, William T. Hassler, Gregory A. Mark, Christian J. Mixter, Kenneth J. Parsigian, Charles A. Rothfeld, Laurence S. Shtasel, Christina A. Spaulding, Guy Miller Struve, William M. Treanor, Michael D. Vhay, and Samuel A. Wilkins III.

Administrator, Carol McCreary-Maddox.

Financial Officer, Philip J. Rooney.

Researchers, Vincent T. Colosimo, Jr., Thomas F. Cusick, Michael S. Foster, Jennifer J. Gamboli, Lisa M. Mallory, Fredrich Olsen, Kristina E. Rosenthal, Megan W. Semple, and Michael D. Tang.

Production, Joseph Foote, Ruth Anne Witucki Miller, Peggy J. Thume and Brenda S. Carman.

Editorial and Clerical Support Team, Kathleen A. Betts, Kelly Hargreaves, Calvin S. Holt, Jr., Jacob D. Kortz, Josette M. Mercer, Jennifer J. Nicholson, Allen F. Stansbury, and Denise E. Washington.