Chapter 22
James L. Adkins

James L. Adkins was the chief of a CIA facility in Central America from January 1986 until May 1987.1 Independent Counsel found that from January 1986 until October 1986, when lethal U.S. Government aid to the contras was prohibited, Adkins knew and approved of contra-resupply missions by CIA pilots, in violation of the Boland Amendment. Independent Counsel also found that Adkins approved of the provision of thousands of dollars of aviation fuel to the contras -- fuel that was mischarged to CIA accounts -- and lied to investigators from the CIA's Office of Inspector General about his activities.2 Despite the evidence, Independent Counsel concluded in November 1987 that he would not bring criminal charges against Adkins, principally because prosecution would not have advanced Independent Counsel's investigation into the Iran/contra affair.

1 In May 1987, the CIA placed Adkins on administrative leave. The Agency later forced Adkins to resign.

2 Inspector's Notes, Adkins Interview, 3/26/87, ANT 003312-14; Inspector's Notes, Adkins Interview, 5/7/87. Independent Counsel found additional evidence that Adkins authorized activities that violated the Mrazek Amendment, Title II of the Military Construction Appropriations Act of 1987, Pub. L. 99-500, but concluded that the legal guidance that was provided to Adkins about the Amendment was insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Adkins knew his conduct was illegal.

Much of the information gathered during Independent Counsel's investigation of Adkins is classified and came from classified sources. A complete account of the investigation is set forth in the Classified Appendix to this report.