[Presidential Decision Directives - PDD]

Humanitarian Demining
Presidential Decision Directive PDD 64
May 1998

No text or factsheet for this PDD has been released. The substance of the Directive is contained a 15 May 1998 letter from National Security Affairs Adviser Samuel "Sandy" Berger to Senator Patrick Leahy. It is said that this letter is available from Senator Leahy's office, but we currently do not have a copy handy.

PDD/NSC-64 embodies a clarification of US policy on landmines, in which the United States Government agreed to sign, by 2006 or sooner, the 1997 Ottawa Convention banning landmines, if suitable alternatives to anti-personnel landmines and "mixed munitions" can be identified. With the US commitment to sign the Ottawa Treaty by 2006 -- assuming suitable landmine alternatives are found -- and Senator Patrick Leahy (Democrat-Vermont) agreed to a presidential waiver of the moratorium on landmines beginning in February 1999. The administration's position was explicated in a 15 May 1999 letter from National Security Affairs Adviser Samuel "Sandy" Berger to Leahy. Berger's letter was the result of a several-month review of landmine policy codified the new Presidential Decision Directive.

The policy includes the following features, as articulated in the letter from Berger to Senator Leahy: