[National Security Presidential Directives - NSPDs]

NSPD-5: Review of U.S. Intelligence

May 9, 2001

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On May 9, 2001 President Bush issued National Security Presidential Directive 5 which calls for a comprehensive review of U.S. intelligence.

The review is intended to "ensure that U.S. intelligence capabilities are honed to serve us on a wide range of critical challenges that face us now and in the future."

The review is to be conducted by two panels named by DCI George Tenet. One panel will be comprised of selected governmental officials. The second panel, to be named by Tenet in conjunction with National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, will be composed of nongovernmental experts.

The review has "a broad mandate to challenge the status quo and explore new and innovative techniques, systems, practices and processes" for foreign intelligence, according to a White House press statement.

The panels were to report to the President in summer 2001.