[Presidential Directives and Executive Orders]
NSDD 38 -- 02 June 1982


This directive supersedes the directive of October 14, 1974 and subsequent directives governing the Monitoring Overseas Direct Employment (MODE) system.

In accordance with my letter to Chiefs of Mission, and the memorandum of September 22, 1981, conveying it to heads of Executive Departments and Agencies, all agencies with staffs operating under the authority of Chiefs of Mission will ensure that, in coordination with the Department of State, the Chiefs of Missions' approval is sought on any proposed changes in the size, composition, or mandate of such staff elements. Departments and agencies wishing to initiate changes should transmit their proposals to Chiefs of Missions in consultation with the Department of State. In the event the Secretary of State or his designee is unable promptly to resolve to the satisfaction of the parties concerned any dispute which may arise between Chiefs of Mission and Agency Heads or his designee, the Secretary of State and the other Agency Head concerned will present the differing views to me for decision through the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. Formal acknowledgement of changes approved by Chiefs of Mission or determined by me shall be transmitted to diplomatic missions by the Department of State.

Overseas staffing of elements with U.S. diplomatic missions abroad shall conform to decisions reached in accordance with the above procedures and decisions made through the budgetary process.

Departments and agencies will keep the Department of State informed as to current and projected overseas staffing authorizations for each diplomatic post, differentiating between the number of U.S. personnel and the number of foreign national personnel authorized for each post. The Department of State shall maintain a current record of staffing authorizations for each overseas post. Agencies will cooperate with the Department of State in providing data including any data needed to meet special reporting requirements.

The Department of State, in consultation with concerned agencies, will develop guidelines by July 1, 1982 for my approval to implement this directive.