Document Name: Appendix A: Status of Major Recommendations by Agency
Date: 09/07/95
Owner: National Performance Review
Appendix A: Status of Major Recommendations by Agency

The National Performance Review's (NPR's) September 7, 1993, report contained 254 major recommendations affecting major government agencies. These recommendations are discussed in more detail in separate accompanying reports, which break these recommendations into 833 specific action items. Of these action items, agencies report that 32 percent are complete, and another 61 percent are in progress. Following are highlights of agency reinvention activities.

Intelligence Community

NPR Recommendations


Enhance Intelligence Community Integration


Enhance Community Responsiveness to Customers


Reassess Information Collection to Meet New Analytical Challenges


Integrate Intelligence Community Information Management Systems


Develop Integrated Personnel and Training Systems


Merge the President's Intelligence Oversight Board With the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board


Improve Support to Ground Troops During Combat Operations

Agency Progress to Date

The Intelligence Community has completed implementation of almost 60 percent of its recommendations. As the Intelligence Community reorients itself in the post-Cold War world, its leadership has been meeting to chart the course ahead and is preparing a communitywide vision and action plan which include near-term initiatives and long-term priorities. The National Intelligence Needs Process is being refined to identify the essential contribution intelligence makes in accomplishing national objectives; further enhancements to this process are expected in the near future.

Intelink-the Intelligence Community's classified multimedia data exchange patterned after the Internet-is now fully operational, providing a wealth of information services to the community and its customers, as well as contributing to a better integration of the community's various elements.

In the area of human resources management-a high priority of the new Director, Central Intelligence (DCI)-a senior review panel published its findings at the end of July 1995, promising a framework of a redefined, integrated personnel management system. Also, the DCI's Foreign Language Committee exceeded its original recommended action to spawn a number of innovative language reforms.