[Executive Orders]

                Executive Order 13025 of November 13, 1996

                Amendment to Executive Order 13010, the 
                President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection

                By the authority vested in me as President by the 
                Constitution and the laws of the United States of 
                America, and in order to amend Executive Order 13010, 
                it is hereby ordered as follows:

                Section 1. The first sentence of section 1(a) of 
                Executive Order 13010 shall read "A qualified 
                individual from outside the Federal Government shall be 
                designated by the President from among the members to 
                serve as Chair of the Commission.''

                Sec. 2. The second and third sentences of section 3 of 
                Executive Order 13010 shall read "The Steering 
                Committee shall comprise five members. Four of the 
                members shall be appointed by the President, and the 
                fifth member shall be the Chair of the Commission. Two 
                of the members of the Committee shall be employees of 
                the Executive Office of the President.''

                Sec. 3. The first sentence of section 5 of Executive 
                Order 13010 shall be amended by deleting "ten'' and 
                inserting "15'' in lieu thereof.

                    (Presidential Sig.) 

                THE WHITE HOUSE,

                     November 13, 1996.

[FR Doc. 96-29597