DCID 6/4, Annex F

(Note: Annex F was signed by the DCI on 13 Oct 99. At that time, the number of DCID 1/14 was changed to 6/4 to correspond to an appropriate section in DCID 1/1.)

Reciprocity of SCI Eligibility Determinations

1. Reciprocity Policy.

a. Within the Intelligence Community, subject to the conditions set forth below, a favorable DCID 6/4 eligibility determination for access to SCI made by one adjudicative authority under SOIC cognizance is a favorable determination for all SOICs. Reciprocity of eligibility determinations does not in itself constitute reciprocity of need-to-know determinations. Need-to-know determinations are always distinct and separate decisions.

b. Reciprocity requires adjudication by trained government adjudicators under SOIC cognizance and a system for monitoring continuing security eligibility. Eligibility decisions, including the presence of exceptions, must be a matter of record accessible to the Intelligence Community's access granting authorities.

c. DCID 6/4 eligibility determinations are mutually acceptable and will not be readjudicated if:

d. Agencies may accept or reject DCID 6/4 eligibility determinations where exceptions exist based upon their own assessment of risk. Any agency rejecting another's determination of eligibility where exceptions exist will notify, to the extent it is able to do so, all adjudicative authorities having an eligibility interest in the person of its decision. Those authorities, in turn, may reassess the appropriateness of continuing to hold the person eligible with an exception.

e. Where an agency or organization has additional but not duplicative requirements, the actual granting of access is contingent upon satisfying those requirements. Failure to meet an additional but not duplicative requirement may not necessarily adversely affect a person's continued eligibility for reciprocal access with other organizations and agencies. However, the agency that made the original eligibility determination may use new information obtained by another organization to readjudicate the person's continued eligibility subject to restrictions placed on use of the information by the organization that obtained it.

f. A person determined ineligible for SCI access will remain ineligible for a minimum of one year. However, SOICs or their designees may waive this requirement in individual cases based on operational necessity and an assessment by the relevant determination authority that there is no unacceptable security risk in doing so.

g. This annex does not apply to suitability decisions for employment.

2. Definitions.

a. Exception: An adjudicative decision to grant or continue access eligibility despite a failure to meet adjudicative or investigative standards. Regarding SCI access eligibility, only the DCI or, as appropriate, the concerned Senior Official of the Intelligence Community (SOIC) or designee will make such decisions. An exception precludes reciprocity without review of the case by the gaining organization or program. There are three types:

b. Issue information: Any information that could adversely affect a person's eligibility for access to classified information. There are two types:

c. Need to know: A determination made by an authorized holder of classified information that a prospective recipient requires access to specific classified information in order to perform or assist in a lawful and authorized governmental function.

d. Reciprocity: Acceptance by one SOIC of an SCI access eligibility determination made by another. It applies both to granting access when another SOIC has approved and denying access when another SOIC has denied or revoked. Reciprocity does not include agency determinations of employment suitability. Nothing precludes SOICs or their designees from exercising authority to grant or to deny access for reasons of operational necessity regardless of another SOIC's decision.

3. The Effect of the Polygraph on Reciprocity.

The Intelligence Community uses the polygraph in defined circumstances to provide additional information to the adjudicative process. Reciprocity of an SCI eligibility determination when a polygraph requirement exists is conditional upon satisfactory completion of that requirement.

4. Review of Access Determinations.

All denials or revocations of access eligibility are subject to the review proceedings outlined in Annex D, above.

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Approved for Release: DEC 2001
MORI DocID: 628977
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