[Executive Orders]

                         EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 12537

      Ex. Ord. No. 12537, Oct. 28, 1985, 50 F.R. 45083, as amended by
    Ex. Ord. No. 12624, Jan. 6, 1988, 53 F.R. 489, which established
    the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board, was revoked by
    Ex. Ord. No. 12863, Sec. 3.3, Sept. 13, 1993, 58 F.R. 48441, set
    out as a note under section 401 of this title.


      Executive Order 12537--President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory

     Source: The provisions of Executive Order 12537 of Oct. 28, 1985,
     appear at 50 FR 45083, 3 CFR, 1985 Comp., p. 394, unless
     otherwise noted.

     By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution
     and statutes of the United States of America, and in order to
     enhance the security of the United States by improving the
     quality and effectiveness of intelligence available to the United
     States, it is ordered as follows:

     Section 1. There is hereby established within the White House
     Office, Executive Office of the President, the President's
     Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (the "Board"). The Board
     shall consist of not more than sixteen members, who shall serve
     at the pleasure of the President and shall be appointed by the
     President from among trustworthy and distinguished citizens
     outside the government who are qualified on the basis of
     achievement, experience, and independence. The President shall
     establish the terms of the members upon their appointment. To the
     extent practicable, one-third of the Board at any one time shall
     be comprised of members whose current term of service does not
     exceed two years. The President shall designate a Chairman and
     Vice Chairman from among the members. The Board shall utilize
     full-time staff and consultants as authorized by the President.
     Such staff shall be headed by an Executive Director, appointed by
     the President.

     [Sec. 1 amended by Executive Order 12624 of Jan. 6, 1988, 53 FR
     489, 3 CFR, 1988 Comp., p. 550]

     Sec. 2. The Board shall assess the quality, quantity, and
     adequacy of intelligence collection, of analysis and estimates,
     of counterintelligence, and other intelligence activities. The
     Board shall have the authority to continually review the
     performance of all agencies of the Federal government that are
     engaged in the collection, evaluation, or production of
     intelligence or the execution of intelligence policy. The Board
     shall further be authorized to assess the adequacy of management,
     personnel, and organization in the intelligence agencies.

     Sec. 3. The Board shall report directly to the President and
     advise him concerning the objectives, conduct, management, and
     coordination of the various activities of the agencies of the
     intelligence community. The Board shall report periodically, but
     at least semiannually, concerning findings and appraisals and
     shall make appropriate recommendations for actions to improve and
     enhance the performance of the intelligence efforts of the United

     Sec. 4. The Board shall receive, consider, and recommend
     appropriate action with respect to matters, identified to the
     Board by the Director of Central Intelligence, the Central
     Intelligence Agency, or other government agencies engaged in
     intelligence or related activities, in which the support of the
     Board will further the effectiveness of the national intelligence
     effort. With respect to matters deemed appropriate by the
     President, the Board shall advise and make recommendations to the
     Director of Central Intelligence, the Central Intelligence
     Agency, and other government agencies engaged in intelligence and
     related activities, concerning ways to achieve increased
     effectiveness in meeting national intelligence needs.

     Sec. 5. The Board shall have access to the full extent permitted
     by applicable law to all information necessary to carry out its
     duties in the possession of any agency of the Federal government.
     Information made available to the Board shall be given all
     necessary security protection in accordance with applicable laws
     and regulations. Each member of the Board, each member of the
     Board's staff, and each of the Board's consultants shall execute
     an agreement never to reveal any classified information obtained
     by virtue of his or her service with the Board except to the
     President or to such persons as the President may designate.

     Sec. 6. Members of the Board shall serve without compensation,
     but may receive transportation, expenses, and per diem allowance
     as authorized by law. Staff and consultants to the Board shall
     receive pay and allowances as authorized by the President.

     Sec. 7. Executive Order No. 12331 of October 20, 1981 is revoked.