The Global Technology Revolution

We would like to acknowledge the valuable insights and observations contributed by the following individuals: Robert Anderson, Jim Bonomo, Jennifer Brower, Stephan DeSpiegeleire, Bruce Don, Eugene Gritton, Richard Hundley, Eric Larson, Martin Libicki, D. J. Peterson, Steven Popper, Stephen Rattien, Calvin Shipbaugh (RAND); Claire Antón (Boeing); William Coblenz (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency); Mark Happel (MITRE); Miguel Nicolelis (Duke University); John Pazik (Office of Naval Research); Amar Bhalla (Pennsylvania State University); Fabian Pease (Stanford University); Paul Alivisatos, Vivek Subramanian (University of California, Berkeley); Noel MacDonald (University of California, Santa Barbara); Buddy Ratner (University of Washington); Joseph Carpenter (U.S. Department of Energy); Robert Crowe (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University); and Lily Wu (XLinux).

Graphics production and publication were graciously facilitated by Patricia Bedrosian, Jeri Jackson, Christopher Kelly, Terri Perkins, Benson Wong, and Mary Wrazen (RAND).

Finally, we would like to thank the National Intelligence Council for its support, discussions, and encouragement throughout this project, especially Lawrence Gershwin, William Nolte, Enid Schoettle, and Brian Shaw.

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