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13 October 2005


Press Release

Improving HUMINT Throughout the Intelligence Community

  • In response to the recommendations made by the "WMD Commission," the CIA working closely with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) developed an implementation plan for establishing the National Clandestine Service (NCS). This plan was approved by PresidentGeorgeW.Bush.
  • The DCIA will become the National HUMINT manager. He will delegate his day-to-day responsibilities as the National HUMINT manager to the Director of the NCS. The creation of the NCS will further enhance of the Intelligence Community's (IC) clandestine HUMINT (Human Intelligence) capabilities and create a truly national clandestine HUMINT capability. It will be successful due to the full participation of all relevant IC members.
  • Director Goss appointed the current DDO--a seasoned veteran of the CIA's Directorate of Operations (DO)-- to be the first Director of the National Clandestine Service (D/NCS). The individual is and will remain an undercover officer.
  • The NCS will serve as the national authority for coordination, deconfliction, and evaluation of clandestine HUMINT operations across the Intelligence Community, both abroad and inside the United States, consistent with existing laws, executive orders, and interagency agreements.
  • While the ODNI will establish policy related to clandestine HUMINT, the NCS will execute and implement that policy across the IC.

Continuing to Strengthen CIA Capabilities Through Transformation

  • The NCS will be led by the D/NCS with a Deputy Director of the NCS (DD/NCS/CIA), a Deputy Director of NCS for Community HUMINT (DD/NCS/CH), and an Associate Deputy Director of the NCS for Technology (ADD/NCS/T).
  • The DD/NCS/CIA is responsible for, under the direction of the D/NCS, managing CIA's clandestine service.
  • The DD/NCS/CH is responsible for, under the direction of the D/NCS, facilitation, coordination and deconfliction of clandestine HUMINT across the Community. In coordination with the ODNI, the DD/NCS/CH will be empowered to implement community-wide authorities and, in conjunction with CIA's NCS and IC partners, will draft standards, doctrine, and guidelines for training, tradecraft, and general conduct of clandestine HUMINT operations.
  • The ADD/NCS/T is responsible for, under the direction of the D/NCS, managing use of advanced technologies related to clandestine HUMINT.

Source: CIA