Sihanouk Launches 'News From Cambodia' Blog, Postings Include Political Comment

Thursday, March 10, 2005 T12:34:08Z

FBIS first observed the blog in late February at Since then it has evolved into a daily report on a range of current issues, including some with political content. So far, most of the postings appear without comment while others contain subtle wording, or use question and exclamation marks, to convey Sihanouk's views--frequently as veiled tangents--on given issues.

The news feature is usually two- to five-screen pages long with most of the items handwritten in French by Sihanouk himself. Other items are reproduced from various newspapers, including reports from outside Cambodia.

Selected samples of recent news postings with imbedded political content include:

Phnom Penh newspapers are known to have carried reports on the following postings from Sihanouk's news blog. For example: