Iran: Two Experts Arrested for Transferring Classified Nuclear Information

Tehran Ya Lesarat ol-Hoseyn in Persian 21 Apr 04 p 2

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

From the "Special News" column, unattributed report: "Iranian Nuclear Spies Arrested"

(FBIS Translated Text)

Informed sources have reported the arrest of two persons suspected of transferring classified information about Iran's nuclear industry abroad.

According to news reports, after extensive investigations by security agents about the ways of Iran's nuclear information leakage abroad, it was discovered that two Iranian experts active in nuclear projects were the first espionage prisoners. They have been arrested by intelligence agents and are currently being interrogated.

(Description of Source: Tehran Ya Lesarat ol-Hoseyn in Persian -- extremely conservative Tehran weekly. Organ of Ansar-e Hezbollah)

Subsequently reported in a follow-up story by Agence France Presse (4/21/04):

"I deny this. Nobody has been arrested," Intelligence Minister Ali Yunessi told reporters after a cabinet meeting.