Colin Powell Press Availability with L. Paul Bremer

Baghdad Iraq, September 14, 2003

[excerpts on Iraqi WMD, David Kay report]


QUESTION: George Gedda of AP. Mr. Secretary, I notice you haven't had a meeting with David Kay or any of his team here. Irrespective of whether you have had meetings or will have meetings on that subject, is there any light that you can shed on how his work is going?

SECRETARY POWELL: No, David isn't here, and so I didn't, couldn't meet with him. I think he's back in Washington, preparing his report. And with the schedule that I had, I wasn't able to meet with members of his team. And there was no particular need to, because I know that David will be…Dr. Kay will be putting out a report in the very near future, and I look forward to seeing it, as everyone else does. From what I have heard, he has assembled a great deal of useful information, but I don't know the specific results that he will be coming forward with or what conclusions he has drawn yet.