DPRK Calls '007' Film 'Product' of US 'Hostile Policy' Toward DPRK

19 Dec 2002
P'yongyang, Korean Central Broadcasting Station

"The United States' Shoddy Act of Insulting the Korean Nation"

[FBIS Translated Text] A movie that is against our Republic and insults the Korean nation was produced and is being shown in the United States, making the entire nation's rage soar. The 20th installment of the American movie series James Bond 007 describes our Republic as an axis of evil and incites North-South confrontation and has contents that groundlessly belittle and humiliate our nation and even viciously insult our race.

The 20th installment of the American movie series James Bond 007, which is scheduled to be released at the end of December in South Korea, and the like have recently become the targets of the South Korean youth and students' strong denouncement and protest. The United States' reactionary movie that humiliates the Korean nation and incites North-South confrontation is a product of the US administration's policy of belittling the Korean nation and its hostile policy toward the DPRK, and the movie is intolerable.

In the United States, movie is abused as a means to make money and spread the American lifestyle, incite individualism, and preach nationalism and alienating other nations. This movie, which insults our nation, has been unanimously objected to by the South Korean youth, students, and people since the early stage of its production. At the end of last year, the Korea Federation of University Student Councils [Hanch'ongnyon] issued a statement opposing the production of this movie. A South Korean actor also resolutely refused the US production's offer for a role in this movie. This shows the will not to tolerate any damage to our nation's dignity.

On the other hand, the actor who played the leading role in the movie came to Seoul to promote the movie, but was reportedly chased away by the youth and students' fierce criticism and denouncement.

Embarrassed by the situation, the US movie producer released a statement and made a lame excuse, saying there was a misunderstanding about the movie and that the enemy depicted in the movie was not the North Korean army, but extreme nationalists. However, it was mere sophism.

As has been disclosed, the United States is frantically staging nuclear commotion against our Republic and depriving the people of their sovereignty, dignity, and even their right to existence in South Korea. Not content with this, the United States is even abusing movie, a creation of human civilization, to belittle the DPRK.

We view this not as a certain movie producer's problem but as a product of the United States' policy of belittling the Korean nation and its hostile policy toward the DPRK. The US Bush administration has raised some nuclear issue and overtly disclosed its attempt to crush the DPRK and lay a stumbling block to the progress of North-South relations, which are following the road of reconciliation and cooperation in accordance with the spirit of the 15 June Joint Declaration. The US maneuver to incite distrust and confrontation inside our nation went so far as to abuse movie signboards.

This plainly shows that the United States is the very culprit that pursues North-South confrontation on the Korean peninsula; the root cause of all sorts of our nation's disasters and misfortunes; an empire of evil that even ruthlessly tramples on the people's religions; and the stronghold that spreads a degenerate age's corrupt culture of perversion, corruption, violence, and lust.

Nothing is more foolish than if the United States thinks it can damage our Republic's dignity and stop the strong steps toward national independent reunification with a cheap clown show. It is only natural that South Korean youth and students and the people from all walks of life cannot resist their soaring rage against this movie and are raising their voice of protest and denouncement.

The United States should clearly remember that if it continues such acts, it will be faced with our nation's strong resistance, and should immediately stop the shoddy and low clown show that opposes our Republic and insults our nation.

Our people are dignified people who value pride more than their lives. The United States should squarely look at our nation's will to not overlook any act that harms our nation's dignity and make the offender pay, and should immediately stop the anti-[Korean] nation, anti-DPRK clown show, although belatedly.

[Description of Source: P'yongyang Korean Central Broadcasting Station in Korean -- DPRK-owned central radio network]