Palestinian Figures Urge Halt To 'Military Operations' in  Israel 

Document Number: FBIS-NES-2002-0619
Document Date: 19 Jun 2002
Sourceline: GMP20020619000127 Jerusalem Al-Quds in Arabic 19 Jun 02 
AFS Number: GMP20020619000127 
Citysource: Jerusalem Al-Quds
Language: Arabic 

[FBIS Report]       Jerusalem Al-Quds in Arabic on 19 June publishes a 
300-word, full-page advertisement on page 16 paid by the EU "in support 
of the popular campaign for peace."   The ad, entitled "Appeal" and 
signed by 55 prominent Palestinian public figures, reads: 

    "Out of our sense of national responsibility and the gravity of the 
situation engulfing our Palestinian people, we, the undersigned, hope 
those who stand behind the military operations against civilians inside 
Israel will reconsider their actions and stop inducing our youths to 
carry out these operations.   We see no benefit coming out of these 
operations except for perpetuating the hatred and deepening the gap 
between the two peoples, and ruining the opportunity of the two peoples 
to live in peace side by side in two neighboring states. 

    "We believe that these operations do not bring about progress toward 
the success of our agenda which calls for freedom and independence.   On 
the contrary, they increase the number of peace opponents among the other 
side and give the aggressive Sharon government excuses for pursuing its 
firm and destructive war against our people.   This war targets our 
villages, cities, old people, and children, as well as our achievements, 
hopes, and national program. 

     "A military action is good or bad not according to its own 
benchmarks, but according to whether it realizes any political goals.   
Consequently, there is a need to reconsider these operations, especially 
as we believe that the struggle for existence between the two peoples in 
the holy land will only yield more destruction to all the people of the 
region. This, in our view, has no logical, humanitarian, or political 

     The ad calls on anybody who wishes to add his name to the list of 
signatories to send a fax to 02-6277166, adding that the same ad will be 
published again later on. 

    The most prominent signatories are:   Dr. Sari Nusaybah, Lucy 
Nusaybah, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi, Salih Ra'fat, Mamduh Nawfal, Hanna Sinyurah, 
Dr. Muhammad Ishtayyah, Ibrahim Qandalfat, Dr. Iyad al-Sarraj, Dr. Marwan 
Abu-al-Zalaf, Dr. Ahmad Majdalani, Khadr Shuqayrat, Jamal Zaqqut Hani 
al-Masri, and Abd-al-Qadir al-Husayni.

[Description of Source: Jerusalem Al-Quds in Arabic -- Independent, 
largest circulation Palestinian newspaper; supports Palestinian Authority 
and peace process;]