Ran in The Rocketeer on 17 September 1998

New rules for getting onto the base become effective Oct. 5

China Lake, CA-More are coming in the area of physical security for the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. According to Capt. John Langford, commanding officer, while the current level of security at the gates to China Lake are dictated by recent world events, the normal security posture will shift to place more emphasis on perimeter security for all who work or live aboard NAWS China Lake.

Starting Oct. 5, permanent changes will see China Lake returning to a guarded gate facility. The main gate on Inyokern Road, and the main airfield gate on Sandquist Road, will be staffed with guards around the clock.

The main gate will be open 24 hours a day everyday and the Richmond gate from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. on workdays only.

In order to access the unrestricted areas of the Station, starting Oct. 5, all personnel age 16 or older will be required to show gate security personnel one of the following badges or identifications:

If driving aboard the station into an unrestricted area [i.e. main base], only the driver must show the proper badge.

During work hours, those persons not in possession of a valid badge or I.D. card, but with a legitimate purpose for entering the Station, will be sent to the Visitor Center for a visitor's pass, and after hours, logged in by main gate security personnel. Visitor's passes will not be issued at the Richmond Road gate.

In order to avoid delays, personnel requiring regular Station access are encouraged to obtain the necessary badge as far in advance as possible. Copies of policy defining badging requirements can be obtained at the lobbies of the Visitor Center, Administration Building, Michelson and Lauritsen labs and the China Lake Police station.

For best service, personnel requiring a new badge are encouraged to bring the proper documentation to the Visitor Center on Tuesdays or Thursdays.