Air Force News

Security forces realign under air and space operations

Released: 29 Sep 1998

by Staff Sgt. Michael Dorsey
Air Force News Service

WASHINGTON (AFNS) -- Security forces will join with operations at the air staff level Oct. 1 when the Directorate of Security Forces moves under the deputy chief of staff for air and space operations, reinforcing the Air Force's commitment to support the warfighter.

Security forces and operations officials say the realignment allows for increased support of the force protection mission and enhance the expeditionary aerospace force concept.

Operations officials say the alignment improves the communication, coordination and planning efforts between the operators who employ Air Force assets with those who physically protect assets.

The change also makes the armed services more uniform. The Army, Navy and Marine Corps all have their security forces staff aligned within their operations staffs.

Security forces is the physical arm of force protection, which includes many other specialties including, intelligence, logistics, medical and civil engineering. There are no plans to realign the career field at base, major command or numbered Air Force levels. Those in the security forces career field will not change the way they carry out their jobs.

However, the Air Force Security Forces Center, which also has the Force Protection Battlelab and the 820th Security Forces Group, changes to a field operating agency from a direct reporting unit. A field operating agency is an Air Force subdivision that falls under the direction of a functional manager at Air Force level. The center now reports to the Security Forces Directorate, thus eliminating its mission-unique status.