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Shri Ajay Gupta, a staff member in the High Commission of India, Islamabad, and his three-year-old son were kidnapped by four Pakistani intelligence operatives on the evening of 10th August, while they were going to the market from their residence in Islamabad. He and his son were taken to an unknown location and kept in detention for one hour, during which time the intelligence operatives asked him to work for them as an informer. He was threatened that in the event of his not cooperating with them, they would kidnap his wife, and he was also warned about dire consequences to his son.

After learning of the incident, our High Commissioner in Islamabad handed over a note to the Pakistan Foreign Office conveying a strong protest as regards the abduction and unlawful detention of Shri Gupta and his three-year-old son. This was reiterated to the Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan in New Delhi, who was summoned to the Ministry of External Affairs today. It was further conveyed that the Government of India had taken a very serious view of the intimidatory behaviour of Pakistani intelligence operatives whose conduct was highly reprehensible and completely unacceptable. It also constituted a breach of the bilateral code of conduct governing the treatment of diplomatic/consular personnel in the two countries and the international conventions relating to the treatment of Mission personnel.

Through the Acting High Commissioner, the Government of Pakistan was asked to have the incident immediately investigated, to provide an explanatory report as to what had happened, to mete out prompt and exemplary punishment to those found guilty, and to ensure that such incidents do not occur in future. It was further demanded that Pakistan take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of our Mission personnel in Islamabad and put a stop to such incidents that vitiate the atmosphere of our bilateral relations.

New Delhi
August 14, 1998