USIS Washington 

07 August 1998


(Says military is supporting U.S. efforts to aid victims) (280)

Washington -- Defense Secretary Cohen says that the terrorist bombings
in East Africa August 7 are a stark reminder that terrorists' "only
means of attacking America is through such cowardly acts."

He also noted that the military is actively supporting government-wide
efforts to aid "the victims of this catastrophe."

Following is the text of Cohen's August 7 statement:

(begin text)

I would like to express my condolences to the victims and families of
those who perished or were injured in the bombings of U.S. Embassy
buildings in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

These bombings are a stark reminder of the threat to U.S. personnel
posed by terrorists whose only means of attacking America is through
such cowardly acts. In recent years the Department of Defense has
taken dramatic steps to improve the security of its forces deployed
overseas. But, as the bombings show, we will never be able to
eliminate all the risks that our troops and diplomats face when they
serve our country overseas.

The loss of one American serviceman or diplomat to such acts is one
too many. Our men and women in uniform serve proudly and selflessly
around the globe with the full knowledge that they face additional
dangers abroad because they wear the uniform.

The military is currently supporting U.S. government efforts to help
the victims of this catastrophe. We will also work with the Federal
Bureau of Investigation to bring to justice the murderers who
performed this terrorist act.

(end text)