PALESTINIAN CONVICTED OF PLANNING TO BOMB BROOKLYN SUBWAY STATION ISRAEL LINE FRIDAY, JULY 24, 1998 A United States federal jury convicted Palestinian immigrant Gazi Ibrahim Abu Maizar on Thursday of plotting to bomb a crowded subway station in a Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn, THE JERUSALEM POST reported. A second man, Lafi Khalil, was acquitted of the conspiracy charges but convicted of carrying an illegal green card. Abu Maizar, who was raised in Hebron, could face life imprisonment on the principle charge of intent to detonate a "weapon of mass destruction." Abu Maizar, testifying on Monday against the advice of his lawyers, startled the court by saying he had "come to the United States because I feel that the United States is supporting the Jewish state and the United States should be punished for supporting Israel." He said his suicide bomb plan was intended to kill "as many [Jews] as I could take."