Office of the Press Secretary

July 17, 1998


McCurry's Office


Q: Mike, there are reports that the White House is looking to topple
Saddam Hussein?

MCCURRY:  I don't comment on intelligence matters.

Q: Has the President asked for an expansion of authority in the area
of covert operations?

MCCURRY: I don't comment on covert operations; that's why they're
called covert operations.

Q: I'm not asking about the operations, I'm asking about the
President's authority in this area.

MCCURRY: The President's authority is defined by law and by the
Intelligence Act.

Q:  And has he asked that that be broadened in any way?

MCCURRY: I'm not going to comment on that -- broadened -- I'm not
aware that we have asked for any -- we have not proposed any rewrite
of the Intelligence Act, that I'm aware of.

Q: I don't think that's quite what I'm asking, but -- and I'm not sure
I'm going to be able to get to what I'm asking, but, you know, you're
not helping me much, either.

MCCURRY: If you figure out what you're asking, come back and pose a
different question.


(end transcript)