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U-2 Product

There is currently a distressingly small amount of U-2 derived imagery in the public realm. The good news is that as of early 1998 most U-2 imagery acquired through the early 1970s [ie, Russia, China, Southeast Asia, etc] has been declassified and transfered to the National Archives and Records Service. The bad news is that this product is currently devoid of finding aids, producing the familiar "needle in a haystack" problem [that is, there is no meta-data telling the user where to find imagery of interest, or telling the user when or where a particular image was acquired]. It seems that in the fullness of time, by late 1998, appropriate finding aids will be implemented, at which time we anticipate a grotesquely extensive expansion of this presently rather modest imagebank resource.

U-2 SENIOR YEAR - System Information

SS-6 / Sputnik Launch Pad, Baikonur

Submarine Pens

Long Range Aviation Airfield

Soviet Military Installations near Berbera, Somalia

Missile Handling and Storage Facility, Berbera, Somalia.

Khamisiyah Ammunition Storage Complex in Southern Iraq

Feb. 10, 1991 - Bunker 73 Area and the Pit

Feb. 10, 1991 - Bunker 73 Area.

March 1, 1991 - The Pit

March 1, 1991 - Destroyed Bunker

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