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Nevada Test Site

Nevada Operations Office
U.S. Department of Energy photograph
Photo Number: NF136
Source: Nevada Operations Office PhotoLibrary

The Device Assembly Facility (DAF) at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) is used to support activities related to nuclear test readiness and science-based stockpile stewardship, including assembly of subcritical experiments. The DAF mission is to provide a modern, safe, and secure facility for NTS nuclear explosive operations. The DAF infrastructure will support a small number of unique operations per year. Specific operations have not yet been defined; however, they are expected to include assembling some subcritical experiments (others will be assembled in the LYNER/U1a tunnel complex), supporting test readiness exercises, training laboratory weapons engineers and technicians, and possibly developing improved surveillance technology for aging weapons. In addition, DAF may support disposition of damaged nuclear weapons. Consolidating nuclear explosive operations at DAF also avoids locating special nuclear material (SNM) close to large high explosive (HE) charges that may be staged in Area 27 to support the Big Explosive Experimental Facility.

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