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Civil Subjects

This resource displays of a variety of landforms and structures at a consistent one-meter resolution in aerial images that are 500 meters on a side. It illustrates the diversity range of landforms and structures that may be identified and characterized at this resolution, which is typical of that anticipated from the commercial imagery satellites anticipated for launch in 1998. It demonstrates both the potential of this imagery for characterizing facilities and infrastructure, as well as the limitations of this imagery for other applications.

Woodland and Cropland

Golf Course


Sanitary Landfill Garbage Dump

Rock Quarry

Fine Homes

Middle Income Housing

Public Housing

Poor Folks's Shacks

Electrical Powerline Corridor

Interstate and Railroad


Small Dam

Elementary School

High School

Shopping Center


Light Industry

Water Purification Plant

Sewage Treatment Plant

Petroleum Storage Tanks

Oil Rigs

Fairfax County
Energy Resource Recovery Facility

Large Aircraft

Small Aircraft

Subway and Railroad Yards

Trucks and Warehouses

Automobile parking lot

Lorton Correction Complex
Central Facility

Lorton Correction Complex
Minimum Security Facility

Lorton Correction Complex
Medium Security and
Occoquan Facilities

Lorton Correction Complex
Youth Correction Facility

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