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DOD Training: Many DOD Linguists Do Not Meet Minimum Proficiency Standards

(Letter Report, 07/12/94, GAO/NSIAD-94-191)

Many linguists are graduating from the Defense Department's (DOD)
language training school without having obtained the limited language
proficiency desired. This proficiency level--level 2--is defined as
having enough language capability to meet routine social demands and
limited job requirements. The linguists should be able to handle
concrete topics in past, present, and future tense. Although the
language training school has significantly increased the number of
students graduating at level 2 or higher in recent years, about
one-third of all students continue to graduate below this level of
proficiency. Moreover, the military services routinely allow students
who do not attain a level 2 proficiency to proceed to the next phase of
training--technical school. GAO recommends that DOD review individual
service practices for awarding foreign language proficiency pay to
receive equal pay for equal achievement, determine whether the current
Army and Marine Corps practice of paying for less than level 2
proficiency should continue, and establish procedures for coordinating
commercial language training class schedules.

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     TITLE:  DOD Training: Many DOD Linguists Do Not Meet Minimum 
             Proficiency Standards
      DATE:  07/12/94
   SUBJECT:  Military training
             Interagency relations
             Intelligence gathering operations
             Military intelligence operations
             Training utilization
             Military pay
             Military personnel
IDENTIFIER:  DOD Defense Foreign Language Program
             DOD Language Proficiency Test
             DOD Cryptologic Training System
             DOD Foreign Language Proficiency Pay Program
             DOD Contract Foreign Language Training Program

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