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Federal Law Enforcement: Information on Certain Agencies' Criminal Investigative Personnel and Salary Costs

(Testimony, 11/15/95, GAO/T-GGD-96-38)

Pursuant to a congressional request, GAO discussed: (1) the composition
and salary costs of certain federal law enforcement personnel; and (2)
duplication of effort among federal agencies with criminal investigative
authority. GAO noted that: (1) as of March 31, 1995, 33 federal agencies
had 65,194 civilian employees covered by law enforcement retirement or
special pay; (2) annual salary costs for these federal investigative
personnel totalled about $2.2 annually; (3) the Department of Justice
employed about 56 percent of these investigative personnel at an annual
cost of about $1.2 billion, the Department of the Treasury employed
about 28 percent at about $649 million, and the Department of the
Interior employed about 10 percent at about $88 million; (4) the
remaining 29 agencies employed about 10 percent of these employees at
about $217 million annually; (5) criminal investigating personnel
accounted for over 76 percent of these employees, Border Patrol agents
accounted for almost 11 percent, and police accounted for almost 5
percent; (6) over 8 percent of investigative personnel were employed in
the remaining occupational series; (7) jurisdictional overlap and
duplication of effort exist among drug enforcement and intelligence
activities, export control activities, and federal fugitive
apprehension; and (8) although the National Performance Review has
recommended the consolidation of drug enforcement and intelligence
activities and law enforcement training facilities, much duplication

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     TITLE:  Federal Law Enforcement: Information on Certain Agencies' 
             Criminal Investigative Personnel and Salary Costs
      DATE:  11/15/95
   SUBJECT:  Law enforcement personnel
             Law enforcement agencies
             Interagency relations
             Drug trafficking
             Intelligence gathering operations
             Jurisdictional authority
             Job classification
             Investigations by federal agencies
IDENTIFIER:  OPM Central Personnel Data File
             Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network

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