Law Enforcement: Information on Drug-Related Police Corruption (Letter
Report, 05/28/98, GAO/GGD-98-111).

Recent police corruption cases in several cities have underscored the
link between police corruption and illegal drug activities. This report
studies the impact of drug trafficking on police corruption in large
cities with significant drug problems. Although GAO did not locate any
central data sources that would allow it to reliably estimate the extent
of police corruption or how much corruption is drug-related, the
literature GAO reviewed, along with interviews with officials and
academic experts, provided information on the (1) nature and extent of
known drug-related police corruption in certain large cities; (2)
factors associated with known drug-related police corruption; and (3)
practices that have been recommended or implemented to prevent or detect
drug-related police corruption.

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     TITLE:  Law Enforcement: Information on Drug-Related Police 
      DATE:  05/28/98
   SUBJECT:  Conspiracy
             Drug trafficking
             Law enforcement information systems
             Law enforcement agencies
             Federal/state relations
             Ethical conduct