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A&R - Analysis and Reporting; (1N4X1 AFSC)
ACS/I - Assistant Chief of Staff/Intelligence
ADARS - Airborne Digital Audio Recording System. The RC-135V/W recording system utilized by cryptologic intelligence crewmembers.
AELTP - Air Force Exportable Language Training Program (pronounced "eeltep"). A program to train and test cryptologic linguists on their global and cryptologic language abilities. See DLPT for related test.
AFCFM - Air Force Career Field Manager. Responsible for overall policy, utilization, classification, education, and training.
AFCO - AIR FORCE CRYPTOLOGIC OFFICE. The primary AIA representation at NSA/CSS.
AFERB - Air Force Education Requirements Board.
AF ERB - AF Executive Review Board. Responsible for management of USAF senior level (general officer equivalent) civilians.
AFIAP - Air Force Intelligence Awards Program.
AFIC - Air Force Intelligence Command. Grew from Electronic Security Command (ESC), which came from USAF Security Service (USAFSS).
AFS - Air Force Specialty; identified by an Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC).
AMHS - Automated Message Handling System. Processes autodin message traffic and wire services.
AIA - Air Intelligence Agency. A FOA under the AF/XOI. Grew from Air Force Intelligence Command (AFIC), which grew from Electronic Security Command (ESC), which came from USAF Security Service (USAFSS).
AIR RESERVE COMPONENT - aka ARC. USAF Reserve and Air National Guard.
ALARC - Apprentice Lateral A&R Course USN, USMC, USAF cryptologic NEC/MOS/AFSC retrainees. Awards 1N431 AFSC. See CIARC and CBARC
ANNULET - cryptologic maintenance system taught at Goodfellow AFB
AO - Action Officer.
ASARS - Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System.
ASTW - a 312TRS (Goodfellow AFB) exportable CBT cryptologic maintenance training package.
ATARS - Advanced Tactical Air Reconnaissance System. AF study to develop the best mix of manned aircraft, drones, and satellites to perform tac reconnaissance.
BIRDSNEST - a NSA high-performance, UINX-based, desktop computer system. See HIGH PERFORMANCE WORKSTATION.
BNCOC - Basic NCO Course. Army's equivalent to Air Force PME (Airman Leadership School/ALS). Combines leadership and management with specific MOS technical/technical supervision and leadership block. (Pronounced "bee-nock").
BLUE FLAG - ACC command post exercise (CPX) for training battle managers and staffs to plan and execute air warfare. Frequently includes assessments, tests, evaluations, and demonstrations of C3CM/C4I procedures, standards, and equipment.
BSI - Bachelor of Science, Intelligence degree. See JMIC and UGIP.
BURNING X - a series of cryptologic RC-135 missions
C2SU - See Conventional Signals Upgrade
C3I - DoD Assistant SecDef for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
C3CM - Command, Control, Communications Counter Measures.
C4I - Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence.
CARS - Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System. A deployable, ground reconnaissance system.
CATIS/IESS - Computer-Aided Tactical Information System/Imagery Exploitation Support System. Provides production, research and support tools for reporting of intelligence from reconnaissance and surveillance imagery.
CBARC - Consolidated Basic A&R Course. USA and USAF pipeline accession and non-cryptologic AFSC Air Force retrainees. Awards 1N431 AFSC. (See CIARC and ALARC)
CBJB - Congressional Budget Justification Book
CBT - Computer-Based Training
CCMP - Civilian Career Management Program. AF/XOI and AIA program. AKA AF/XOI CCMP. Established to develop high-potential employees for key managerial positions and enhance quality of workforce. Will be incorporated in the CIFMP in FY97.
CCP - Consolidated Cryptologic Program. See the JMITC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
CENTERBOARD - central processor computers for the HF/DF (AKA UNITARY DF or CROSSHAIR).
CEM - Chief Enlisted Manager. AFSC specific to CMSgt positions.
CFETP - Career Field Education and Training Plan. Accession-to-separation AFSC management and information directive. Supersedes the STS (because it contains the STS).
CHAINWORK - Cryptologic maintenance course taught at GoodfellowUSAF is RTA.
CIARC - Consolidated Intermediate Analysis & Reporting (A&R) Course (pronounced "see-ark"). All-service intermediate A&R training. (See ALARC AND CBARC)
CIFMP - Civilian Intelligence Force Management Program. Integrated career development and force management program.
CIM - Communications Identification Methodology. Course taught at Goodfellow AFB or by MTT (AF is RTA) for DoD military and civilians; teaches advanced communications identification skills, i.e., entity development, including communications identification procedures for worldwide government, military, and civilian communications. (Pronounced "sim")
CIP - Consolidated Imagery Program. See the JMITC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
CIPMS - Civilian Intelligence Personnel Management System. Alternative personnel system established for civilian Army, Navy, Air Force intelligence employees.
CIRC - Central Information Reference and Control. Database containing references to over ten million classified and unclassified documents.
CIS - Combat Intelligence System.
CITC - Community Imagery Training Committee. Imagery Community equivalent of the CTC and GITC. See CTC and GITC.
CK-155 or CK-255 - Cryptologic skills courses. See NCS Cryptologic Training System Course Catalog.
CMB - Career Management Board. Manages the CCMP for the ACS/I and AIA/CC. Will be incorporated in the CIFMP in FY97.
CN or C-N - Counter Narcotics
COBRA BALL - RC-135 mission
CODETRAIN - exportable morse code training package; operable on IBM/IBM compatible PC, using MS DOS or PC DOS. Developed at Ft Devins.
COIC - Combat Operations Intelligence Center (Pronounced "coh-ick")
COMBAT SENT - RC-135 mission
COMFY FIX - An upgrade to the direction finding (DF) data control section of the AN/FLR-9V. See VCATS/ENLARGER and FLR-9.
COMFY OLYMPICS - USAFSS / ESC program to test and recognize the best technician in each of that command's AFSCs. Predecessor to PRISIM OLYMPICS under AFIC and SENSOR OLYMPICS in AIA.
COMFY LEVI - ANG C-135 cryptologic mission. NOTE: Now called SENIOR SCOUT
COMMAND FUNCTIONAL MANAGER - the individual at a MAJCOM who is responsible for matters concerning a particular AFS or a series of AFSs. Joint activities may have functional managers as well.
COMPASS CALL - Davis-Monthan C-130 mission
CONOP - Concept of Operations
CONSTANT SOURCE - mobile tac ELINT OB tracking system (205/201XO); ties in with SENTINEL BYTE
CONSTANT WEB - Command, Control, and Communications Countermeasures support (C3CM) data base system utilized by C3CM analysts at HQ AIA and Offutt AFB.
CONVENTIONAL SIGNALS UPGRADE - cryptologic maintenance courses for systems taught at Goodfellow AFB; includes PARSEC maintenance. Includes Combined Conventional Signals Upgrade (C2SU).
CPG - Career Progression Group. AKA "grade rollback"--an adjustment of command billets, often entailing reducing grade requirements for a number of billets.
CRITICOM - a cryptologic maintenance course taught at Keesler AFB
CRYPTANALYSIS - breaking codes, coded messages, enciphered communications. See CRYPTOGRAPHY.
CRYPTOGRAPHY - devising or writing codes or ciphers, to include codes for enciphered communication.
CRYPTOLOGY - the science of producing SIGINT and maintaining signal security; includes the broad range of cryptoanalysis and cryptography.
CRYPTO-LINGUIST - AKA Cryptologic linguist and R/T or RADIO/TELEPHONE. Linguists who deal with cryptologic language missions, I.E., AFSC 1N3XXX. An example of cryptologic English is air traffic controller or USAF air-air communications.
CRYPTOLOGIC TRAINING ADVISORY COMMITTEE. Formerly SIGINT Training Advisory Committee (STAC). Changed to Cryptologic Training Advisory Council (CTAC) by CTC-19. Chaired by NSA/E11; focus is on technical adequacy of cryptologic training. E.G., A&R STAC, Russian Language STAC; Asian Languages STAC; COMINT Collector STAC, etc.
CRYPTOLOGIC TRAINING REQUIREMENT - concise statement of validated need for cryptologic training, expressed by a user and including a list of critical skills and knowledge requirements that necessitate the training.
CRYPTOLOGIC TRAINING SYSTEM - aka CTS. Cryptologic Training System. NSA/CSS and Service SCE training which is accomplished at NSA's NATIONAL CRYPTOLOGIC SCHOOL and Service training centers. Composed of NSA/CSS and Service headquarters, SCEs, Service training commands, and Service training schools. See NSA/CSS Circular 40-1.
CSESS - Client Server Environment Systems Services. Defines and implements client/server computing environment and conventions.
CSP HOL - Communication Support Processor High Order Language. Processes and forwards message traffic. AMHS relies on CSP HOL for incoming and outgoing organizational message traffic.
CTAC - See Cryptologic Training Advisory Committee or SIGINT Training Advisory Committee
CTAP - Cryptologic Training Appraisal Program. The Navy's version of a U&TW.
CTC - Cryptologic Training Council. The principal forum for cryptologic policy matters, training issues, and any other related topic. Chaired by the TDNC and composed of Service headquarters representatives and NSA/CSS. A DoD-level review of the health of the CRYPTOLOGIC TRAINING SYSTEM. Service headquarters and SCEs attend. Held yearly, normally around early October. AF/XOIIF is the USAF Action Officer and may be asked to brief USAF intelligence force management or issues.
CTC Executive Session (or Committee) - senior service representatives to CTC (senior O-5 or 0-6 level); TDNC chairs.
CTEP - Cryptolinguistic Training and Evaluation Program. The Navy's equivalent to AELTP. AELTP is based on CTEP, which has been in use for 20 years.
CTS - COURSE TRAINING STANDARD. The document that lists specific task and knowledge training requirements for a system or non-AFSC awarding course (AFSC-awarding courses are taught under a STS).
CYBERSPACE - that digital domain of computers and telecommunications that connects the world through its global network.
DARNER (PROJECT DARNER) - 1991 program to request NSA financial support for SENTINEL BRIGHT courseware development. Undetermined result; however, the contractor did receive NSA funds for additional courseware development, so it may have worked.
DEFENSIVE C3CM - COMSEC mission performed by 1N6X1 (209) personnel; now called ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS SECURITY ASSESSMENT (ESSA)
DELTA - used to indicate the difference between two figures. In budgetary terms, it means the difference between what was expected and what was received.
DELTA DATA TERMINAL - a cryptologic maintenance course taught at Goodfellow AFB
DF - Direction Finding (aka RDF--Radio Direction Finding). See UNITARY DF
DFLP - Defense Foreign Language Program; how DoD uses languages. The DoD C3I and DoD Personnel and Readiness share responsibility for this. ACS/I is the Service Program Manager (SPM) for all Air Force foreign language issues (which fall under DFLP). AF/XOIIF is responsible for DFLP.
DFLP PC - see DFLP Policy Committee
DFLP Policy Committee - ASD/C3I chairs, Service general officer-level committee for DoD language issues. Two panels support the DFLP Policy Committee: Requirements and Resources Panel (HQ AIA/DPT is the USAF rep) and the linguist Career Management Panel (AF/XOIIF is the rep). Similar to the GOSC, but expanded to include Joint Staff and OASD (Reserve Affairs). More involved in DFLP policy, direction, and management than the GOSC control than the GOSC.
DIC - Defense Intelligence College. See JMIC.
DLAB - Defense Language Aptitude Battery. DoD test for determining aptitude for foreign languages. (See RCAT)
DLI - Defense Language Institute - Monterey CA; Army EA for DoD language training. AKA DLI Foreign Language Center (DLI,FLC)
DLPT - Defense Language Proficiency Test. A DoD test used to determine foreign language proficiency, the DLPT tests listening and reading (L/R). If an individual's mission requires speaking ability, an oral proficiency interview (OPI) tests speaking (S) proficiency. DLPT tests global (e.g., conversational) language capability. See AELTP for related test.
DODIIS - DoD Intelligence Information System.
DOORFRAME - An NSA initiative (began 1985) to "ensure the smooth transition of collection forwarding equipment (CFS) to Goodfellow AFB.
DSIATP - Defense Sensor Interpretation and Applications Training Program. All-service advanced imagery training, taught at Goodfellow AFB. (Pronounced "die-sap").
EA - Executive Agent - designated by DoD to be responsible for training all services in a particular cryptologic discipline. (see RTA) NOTE: often services are designated as EA/RTA.
ECAC - Encyphered Communications Analysis Course (X3AZR20752-000)
Graduates are awarded the 1ZV SEI.
ENDEAVOR -- See Project Endeavor
ENLARGER - An upgrade to the RF distribution system of the AN/FLR-9. Navy is RTA for ENLARGER. See FLR-9 and VCATS.
ESC - Electronic Systems Center (AFMC), Hanscom AFB, MA.
ESC - Electronic Security Command. Grew from the USAF Security Service (USAFSS) and then into Air Force Intelligence Command (AFIC) into the Air Intelligence Agency (AIA).
ESSA - Electronic Systems Security Assessment. See DEFENSIVE C3CM
FCIP - (DoD) Foreign Counterintelligence Program. See the JMITC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
FENCE - NFIP funds that are "buried" within the Defense budget and are protected from (a) reprogramming (spent on anything other than what it was approved for and (b) protected from across-the-board or fair-share cuts applied to military service budgets. See the JMITC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
FLC - Foreign Language Committee. That portion of the Community Management Staff (CMS--formerly Intelligence Community Staff/IC Staff) that deals with the IC foreign language issues.
FLPP - Foreign Language Proficiency Pay (pronounced "flip"). Determined by DLPT.
FLR-9 - antenna system; maintenance training at Keesler AFB transitioning to NTTC Pensacola (Corry Station). (Usually referred to as "flare-9" or "elephant cage").
FYDP - Future Years Defense Program; formerly Five Year Defense Program (also FYDP) and Six Year Defense Program (SYDP). See the JMITC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
GADGETEER - a type of 1N2X1 equipment.
GAITS - see Sentinel Aspen II
GANGSTER - Navy A&R software; generally run on TAC-3 positions (equipment).
GDIP - General Defense Intelligence Program. See the JMITC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
GENERAL PURPOSE COLLECTION POSITION - a cryptologic maintenance course taught at Goodfellow AFB
GIGSTER - NSC's Secure Distance Learning Network (SDLN). Secure videoteletraining system.
GITC - General Intelligence Training Council
GITS - General Intelligence Training System
GIITS - General Imagery Intelligence Training System
GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE NETWORK (GNI) - modern communications using fiber-optic cable, packet switching, computers/modems, satellites, etc. AKA GLOBAL INTELLIGENT INTELLIGENCE/GIN. See INFORMATION WARFARE. Civilian
GLOBAL LANGUAGE - conversational language. See CRYPTOLINGUIST.
GNI - AKA GIN (Global Intelligent Network); see GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE NETWORK
GOSC - General Officer Steering Committee. (Pronounced "gosk"). Provided guidance to Defense Language Institute. Replaced by the DFLP POLICY COMMITTEE.
GRANDSLAM - An NSA NRT Intelligence initiative.
GREEN FLAG - ACC EW capabilities and readiness exercise; conducted with RED FLAG. Essentially an EW command post exercise (CPX).
GROUNDLINE - work station equipment (in CIARC).
GROUND SYSTEMS DIGITAL TECHNICIAN - a cryptologic maintenance course taught at Goodfellow AFB
GUARDRAIL - Army cryptologic mission
GUESTMASTER - Navy RTA 1N2X1 training.
HIGH PERFORMANCE WORKSTATION - a cryptologic community acronym for a high-performance, UNIX-based, desktop computer system. This system can be used for any number of cryptologic disciplines. The SUN workstation is an example of a HPW
HP 21-1 - the document that lists USAF Air Staff (including AF/XOI) responsibilities.
HTACC - Hardened Tactical Air Control Center; at Osan AB, ROK. (Pronounced "H-tac")
INFORMATION WARFARE - the preservation of the integrity of US information systems from exploitation and corruption by potential adversaries while at the same time exploiting and degrading adversary information systems.. AKA IW; see GLOBAL INTELLIGENCE NETWORK.
INTERPRETOR/TRANSLATOR - Reporting Identifier (RI) 9L000 (formerly 99103); linguists used for OSIA treaty verification. The majority cross-train from cryptologic linguist AFSCs and serve a minimum 4 year tour. There are specific DLI and contract language courses to meet initial skill and treaty language requirements.
IPA - Image Product Archive. Receives and stores images and image products from IDEX II and other image product sources.
ITAB - Intelligence Training Advisory Board (ITAB). ACS/I-envisioned, AF/XOI SC, and other XO offices work together to study and discuss changing defense intelligence activities, project training requirements to support those activities, and craft new, more effective training approaches.
JCMA - Joint COMSEC Monitoring Activity. NSA; joint effort against unsecure communications systems. (1N6X1 AFSC). See JCMA file. History in RED TEAM file; (JCMA aka RED TEAM).
JEWC - Joint Electronic Warfare Center at HQ AIA.
JINTACCS - Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems. See JTIDS.
JMIC - Joint Military Intelligence College. A Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) college; undergraduate and post-graduate courses are accredited. JMIC grants a (Master of Science, Strategic Intelligence (MSSI) degree and is pursuing authority to grant a Bachelor of Science, Intelligence (BSI) degree. JMIC also offers UGIP and PGIP. JMIC is part of JMITC.
JMITC - Joint Military Intelligence Training Center. Defense Intelligence Agency's (DIA) center for intelligence education and training. Offers intelligence training courses, including mobile training team (MTT)courses, and accredited JMIC college courses in intelligence-related topics and country survey courses.
JOCCP - Junior Officer Cryptologic Carrer Program. A 3-year apprentice-type program at NSA designed to provide advanced training for junior officers under 10 yrs TAFMS to prepare them for future leadership in the cryptologic community. Governing document: NSA/CSS CIR 40-16 (See JOCCP and MESAP)
JQR - Navy's equivalent to USAF JQS.
JQS - Job Qualification Standard; USAF requirements for enlisted skill-level upgrade training (UGT) and OJT. Navy's version is JQR.
JSIPS - Joint Services Imaging Processing System.
J-STARS - Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System. Joint USA/USAF E-8 (Boeing 707) program for wide-area surveillance in support of battle management. Uses JTIDS.
JTIDS - Joint Tactical Information Distribution System; secure data transmission system. See J-STARS.
KCOIC - Korean COIC at Osan AB, ROK; see COIC. (Pronounced "kay-coh-ick")
KEELAN - cryptologic maintenance system taught at Goodfellow AFB.
LANGUAGE SHREDOUTS (1N3XXX AFSCs) - 1N3 (208) AFSC languages are often referred to by the last 3 digits of the AFSC: "X" (generic for skill level) and language "shred" (the last 2 characters of the AFSC); e.g., X4A = Chinese cryptologic linguist:
X1__ Germanic Language Group
A German
B Dutch
C Flemish
D Swedish
E Afrikaans
X2__ Romance Language Group
A Spanish (Latin American)
B Portuguese (Latin American)
C French
D Italian
E Romanian
F Haitian Creole
G Moldovan
X3__ Slavic Language Group
A Russian
B Polish
C Czech
D Serbian-Croatian (aka Serbo-Croat)
E Russian (White)
F Hungarian
G Lithuanian
H Slovenian
J Bulgarian
K Ukrainian
L Macedonian
X4__ Far East Language Group
A Chinese (Mandarin)
B Vietnamese
C Thai
D Cambodian
E Laotian
F Japanese
G Korean
H Chinese (Cantonese)
J Tagalog
X5__ Mid-East Language Group
A Arabic
B Arabic (Syrian)
C Hebrew (known at one time as "Special Arabic")
D Persian (aka Persian-Farsi)
E Turkish
F Greek
G Indonesian
H Hindi-Urdu
J Armenian
K Azeri (Azerbaijan language)
L Pushtu (aka Pashto; Afghanistan/w. Pakistan)
M Georgian
N Tadzhik
P Kazakh
Q Turkmen
R Uzbek
LDP - Language Designated Position - Air Force duty position or AFSC that requires knowledge of foreign language. NOTE: Approximately one-half of USAF LDPs are cryptologic linguists 1N3XXX (208); the remaining LDPs can be any AFSC, i.e., SP in Panama for Spanish; 9L000 (99103) RI Interpreter/ Translator for On Site Inspection Agency (OSIA), etc. Established by AF Form 1780 approval; AF/XOIIF has approval authority. See AFI 36-2605.
LIBERTYCAP - funded program to standardize all SIGINT software for airborne platforms
LONGROOT - Enhanced Automatic DF (EADF); an upgrade to current DF processors for approximately 24 sites worldwide. See HFDF, SHORTROOT.
MANDATE, 202 - originally a temporary ESC (AFIC and AIA's forerunner) initiative, using NCS courses, to train AFSC 202 (1N4) personnel in intermediate-level skills until an intermediate skills course could be developed. Had evolved into a "permanent program at NSA; however the Jul 94 1N4 U&TW determined it was no longer needed, with CIARC coming on line in CY95. (See CIARC)/
MCOC- Misawa Cryptologic Operations Center
MCSAP - Military COMINT Signals Analysis Program; for 1N2X1 personnel. A 3-year apprentice-type program at NSA designed to provide advanced training AD enlisted (usually E-5 to E-7) to prepare them for tailored management/technical assignments. Has a 6 year active duty service commitment. Governing document: NSA/CSS CIR 40-15 (Related programs: JOCCP, MCSAP, MESAP, and MINSAP)
MECCAP - Middle Enlisted Cryptologic Career Advancement Program; for 1N2/1N3/1N4 personnel. A 3-year apprentice-type program at NSA designed to provide advanced training AD enlisted (usually E-5 to E-7) to prepare them for tailored management and/or technical assignments. Has a 6 year active duty service commitment. Governing document: NSA/CSS CIR 40-15 (Related programs: JOCCP, MCSAP, MESAP, and MINSAP)
MESAP - Military ELINT Signals Analyst Program; for 1N5X1 personnel. A 3-year apprentice-type program at NSA designed to provide advanced training AD enlisted (AFSC 1N5X1) personnel with "career technical ELINT potential"(usually E-5 to E-6) to prepare them for tailored management and/or technical assignments. Has a 6 year active duty service commitment. Governing document: NSA/CSS CIR 31-3 (Related programs: JOCCP, MCSAP, MESAP, and MINSAP)
MINSAP - Military Intern SIGINT Analysis Program; for 1N4X1 personnel. A 3-year apprentice-type program at NSA designed to provide advanced training AD enlisted (usually E-5 to E-7) to prepare them for tailored management/technical assignments. Has a 6 year active duty service commitment. Governing document: NSA/CSS CIR 40-15 (Related programs: JOCCP, MCSAP, MESAP, and MINSAP)
MINS - Multi-Source Integrated Notification System. Single approach for query of S&T data bases for new information.
MISSION READY TECHNICIAN - aka MRT or task certifying field requirements during technical training. An AETC concept designed specifically for aircraft maintenance AFSCs. Under the ATC/AETC field training detachment (FTD) concept, graduates from aircraft maintenance tech training did not receive a 3-skill level; that was awarded after mandatory follow-on FTD training, on mission aircraft, at the graduates' first assignment. NOTE: USAF intelligence AFSCs are already MRT. As intel systems reduce and migrate towards standardization, fielded systems can be considered for use in tech training.
MIST - Modular Interoperability Surface Terminal; maintenance course taught at Goodfellow AFB.
MLAG - Military Linguist Advisory Group. NSA/CSS group that determines cryptologic linguist requirements. (Called "m-lag").
MOS - Military Occupational Specialty. Army and Marine Corps equivalent to Air Force AFSCs and Navy NECs.
MPAS - MASINT Processing Analysis System. Processes, analyzes, archives and disseminates measurement and signature intelligence data.
MSSI - Master of Science, Strategic Intelligence degree. See JMIC and PGIP.
MT - Machine Translation. Provides capability to automatically translate foreign language text files into English. In AF Intel, NAIC/DXLT provides MT services. NOTE: MT is hampered by the dynamics of language. MT within the Intelligence Community is primarily used to screen printed material.
MTT - Mobile Training Team. AETC instructors who teach a specific course while TDY at another unit/base.
NCS - National Cryptologic School. NSA/CSS E54; responsible for cryptologic education and training. Publish and maintain the Cryptologic Training System Course Catalog that lists all cryptologic training, including SCE EA/RTA training
NEC - Naval Experience Code. Navy equivalent to Air Force AFSCs and Army and Marine Corps MOSs.
Near Real Time Intelligence - see NRTI.
NEWSDEALER / SEAMARK - cryptologic maintenance and cryptologic communications operator training; taught at Keesler AFB
NFIP - National Foreign Intelligence Program (pronounced "in-fip"). Provides funding for the bulk of national-level intelligence, counterintelligence, and reconnaissance (CIA, DoD, civilian federal departments) and all Intelligence Community management structure. Comprised of "programs"--actually financial accounts--that fund intelligence operations and activities. NFIP includes: GDIP, CCP, CIP, NRP, and FCIP. See the JMIC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Management Guide.
NMIA - National Military Intelligence Association
NRP - National Reconnaissance Program. See the JMITC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
NRTI -- Near Real Time Intelligence; NSA term for delivering intelligence to operational commanders as quickly as possible, "real time" equating to "as it is occurring."
NSA/CSS - National Security Agency / Central Security Service. NSA exercises direction and control over CSS field operations (run by SCEs).
NSES - Non-Communication Signals Exploitation Systems. Provides signals processing, analysis, plotting, modeling and training related to space and weapons systems threat assessments.
NTTC - Naval Technical Training Center
OSIA - On-Site Inspection Agency. Federal agency responsible for arms treaty verification; INXF manages the 9L000 (99103) personnel (Interpreter/Translator Reporting Identifier).
PARSEC - A&R system; being replaced by LOOKING GLASS A&R software
PARPRO - Peacetime Aerial Reconnaissance Program
PARSEC - an A&R system; PARSEC maintenance is taught at Goodfellow. PARSEC II is an upgrade.
PE - Program Element. The basic budget building block by which Services and DOD agencies track programs and projects. A PE groups the dollar costs and manpower associated with a mission capability or activity.
PEM - Program Element Manager. Works budget issues; for intel, AF/XOI Prepares and submit programs and budget requests for the program elements (PE) under the PEM's control. Monitors execution of those budgets, once approved and funded. The USAF expert and focal point on required and actual funding, technical content and schedule for those elements and programs in a PE.
PGIP - Post-Graduate Intelligence Program; a Defense Intelligence Agency Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC) program of accredited college courses covering a broad range of intelligence topics and country surveys. The program is open to all-service enlisted, grades E-6 and above, officers, and federal government civilians. A program completion certificate is awarded on graduation. Qualifying students may elect to complete additional requirements (including a Master's thesis) and upon successful completion of requirements, are awarded a Master of Science, Strategic Intelligence (MSSI) degree. Related program: UGIP.
POM - Program Objective Memorandum. See the JMITC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
PRCSO - Peacetime Reconnaissance and Certain Sensitive Operations
PRG - Priorities Review Group. Builds the GDIP. See the JMITC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
PRISIM OLYMPICS - AFIC program to test and recognize the best technician in each of that command's AFSCs. Called COMFY OLYMPICS under USAFSS/ESC; SENSOR OLYMPICS in AIA.
PRISM STAGE - 169ESS (ANG) digital language training system.
PROGRAM MANAGEMENT DIRECTIVE - aks PMD. Part of the requirements identification process. AF/XOIIF approves the STATEMENT OF NEED, appoints an acquisition agency, and tasks the MAJCOM and acquisition agency to develop the PMD which establishes a TPT.
PROGRAM MANAGEMENT PLAN - Part of the requirements identification process. The MAJCOM(s) develops a Program Management Plan after developing a STATEMENT OF NEED.
PROJECT ENDEAVOR - an 694IG/CC initiative to utilize NSA/E1 classrooms and equipment with USAF National Cryptologic School (NCS) adjunct faculty to offer cryptologic training that will enhance AFSCs 1N2X1, 1N3XXX, 1N4X1, and 1N5X1 at NSA.
PROJECT HOST - the worldwide HFDF computer upgrade that provides connectivity between DF equipment and collection equipment.
RADIO/TELEPHONE - the original term for NSA CRYPTOLOGIC LINGUIST operations. AKA R/T. CRYPTOLOGIC LINGUIST is now the accepted term.
Q of A. - AKA Q of A Program; Quality of Analysis Program. Program allows individuals (often analysts responsible for a country or area) to visit and study a country (countries) and cultures.
RCAT - Radio Communications Analysis Test. Previously used as a selection requirement for 1N4X1 and 1N6X1 AFSCs. (see DLAB)
RED FLAG - combat operations readiness exercise.
RELOAD - aka PROJECT RELODAD. Former NSA program concerning field cryptologic "technical health"; particularly relating to AFSC 1N4X1/202X0.
REPLICATE - NCS CBT training delivery system.
REPORTING IDENTIFIER (RI) - USAF personnel identifier for "authorizations and individual airmen who...are not identifiable in the classification [AFSC] structure and for whom specialty descriptions are not written." Governing document: AFR 39-1.
RIVET JOINT - the RC-135V/W SIGINT reconnaissance platform. Also known as "RJ"; aircraft may be called "hogs" due to the extended the "hog nose" and "hog cheeks".
NOTE: RC-135M ("M models") were "modernized" into RC135Ws.
RIVET JOINT MAINTENANCE - cryptologic maintenance training formerly taught at Goodfellow AFB (X3AZR32853-015 AND -016); now taught at Offutt AFB RJ training facility.
RSOC - Regional SIGINT Operations Center. NOTE: Tying the term RSOC with its mission focus is classified.
RTA - Responsible Training Authority. designated by DoD to be responsible for training all services in a particular cryptologic system. (see EA) NOTE: often services are designated as EA/RTA.
SP/SPO - Special Project Office
S&W / S&WC - Surveillance and Warning / S&W Center - that part of a cryptologic operations floor responsible for analysis and reporting (1N4X1 AFSC functions) on cryptologic activities.
SANDKEY - NSA/ECN A&R training program, NCS course number: SN224.
SCE - Service Cryptologic Element. That portion of a military service that is responsible for cryptologic operations. SCEs: AF/XOI (but AIA--a FOA under AF/XOI--performs cryptologic missions), NSGA (Navy/USMC), and INSCOM (Army)
SDLN - Secure Distance Learning Network. See GIGSTER.
SEI - Special Experience Identifier. A three character identifier that "identifies special experience and training not otherwise available in the personnel data system" (i.e., within an AFSC). Governing document AFR 39-1 and AIA (ESC) Supplement to AFR 39-1
SEIGEL - maintenance training; mission control subsystem for HF printer operations.
SEIP - Senior Enlisted Intelligence Program. Now the Undergraduate Intelligence Program (UGIP), open to enlisted E-6 and above enlisted grades, officers, and federal government civilians. SEIP was only open for E-7 to E-9 personnel. (Pronounces "see-ip")
SEIW - Senior Enlisted Intelligence Workshop. Annual conference (usually early spring) of senior intelligence NCOs for information-sharing and planning/recommendation. Not a decision-making body.
SENIOR SCOUT - ANG C130 cryptologic mission; formerly COMFY LEVI.
SENSOR OLYMPICS - AIA program to test and recognize the best technician in each of that command's AFSCs. Called COMFY OLYMPICS UNDER USAFSS/ESC; PRISIM OLYMPICS under AFIC.
SENTINEL II - a common software integration contract which will develop/field common intelligence software functions on both SENTINEL ASPEN II and SENTINEL BRIGHT II. This is a salvage effort--provide the most training functions/interrelationships based on available funding.
SENTINEL ASPEN I - General Imagery Intelligence Training System
SENTINEL ASPEN II - General Applications Intelligence Training System (GAITS). I&W, targeting, analysis, and exercises.
SENTINEL BRIGHT I - the VPTS (Voice Processing Training System) at Goodfellow AFB. Used for training 1N3XXX (formerly 208XX) cryptologic linguists. NOTE: Extremely high time to courseware ratio: 80 man hours per 1 hour courseware.
SENTINEL BRIGHT II - Cryptologic Intelligence Training System (CITS). System comprised of modules for integrated maintenance, ELINT, and A&R; interfaces with Sentinel Bright I/VPTS. Sentinel II is the integration contract.
SENTINEL BYTE - program providing data automation and mission planning support for (201XXs) intelligence staffs of USAF operational units. (See Constant Source)
SENTINEL CONCHO - Unfunded program to merge Sentinel Aspen and Sentinel Bright programs for a single, integrated intelligence training system at Goodfellow AFB.
SES - Senior Executive Service (general officer equivalents)
SHORTROOT - future automatic digital direction finding for short-duration signals and wideband signals. See HFDF and LONGROOT.
SLANG PROGRAM - Summer Language Program. NSA funded program designed to give cryptologic linguists an opportunity to "enhance and upgrade" language skills to DPLT level 3. AIA/DPT manages USAF applications. Since NSA has funded, AF/XOIIF determined only cryptologic linguists should be eligible for the program.
SN224 - See SANDKEY.
SPM - Service Program Manager. Service authority in a particular area, i.e., foreign language SPM.
STAC - SIGINT Training Advisory Committee. Changed to Cryptologic Training Advisory Council (CTAC) by CTC-19. Chaired by NSA/E11; focus is on technical adequacy of cryptologic training. E.G., A&R STAC, Russian Language STAC; Asian Languages STAC; COMINT Collector STAC, etc.
STATEMENT OF NEED - aka SON. Part of the requirements identification process. The MAJCOM affected identifies a system required for training to support new system acquisition. See Program Management Plan and PMD. For intel, AF/XOIIF approves the SON, appoints an acquisition agency, and tasks the MAJCOM and acquisition agency to develop the PMD which establishes a TPT.
STP - System Training Plan. Used to manage training for systems (based on training requirements analysis). Governing document: AFP 36-2211 (formerly AFP 50-11). (See TPT).
STRUCTURE MANNING DECISION REVIEW - aka SMDR. The Army equivalent to the USAF TPR Conference; where Services identify the numbers they will send to Army/Army EA courses.
STS - The document that lists specific task and knowledge training requirements for an-AFSC awarding course (non-AFSC-awarding courses are taught under a CTS).
SUN SPARC (version 10 or 20) - a HPW computer system used by NSA
SYDP - Six Year Defense Program. See FYDP.
TADIL - Tactical Digital Information Link. Secure data transmission link. Comprised of TADIL-A (air-to-air), TADIL-B (air-to-ground), and TADIL-J (link to J-STARS).
TDNC - Training Director, NSA/CSS; E-Group director and CTC chairperson. An SES-5 grade
TDS - Training Delivery System. REPLICATE is an example of a TDS.
TECHNOLOGY TRAINING PANEL - aka TTP. A CTC-16 initiative, this body will attempt to ensure cryptologic training technology can be shared within the CRYPTOLOGIC TRAINING SYSTEM. AF/XOIIF, AFCO, AND AETC are on this panel.
TEMPEST - cryptologic training taught at Lackland; emission security.
THROUGHPUT - common term used to indicate the number of personnel who graduate a course. Similar to TPR. See TPR
TIARA - Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities. See the JMITC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
TIBS - Tactical Information Broadcast System for secure data transmission in order to provide NEAR REAL TIME INTELLIGENCE/NRTI.
TIDYTIPS-III - collection system. See file.
TGIF - Tactical Ground Intercept Facility. See classified acronym list (SMSgt Dowling has it).
TIARA - Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities. See the JMIC pamphlet, An Intelligence Resource Manager's Guide.
TMP - Training Management Plan
TOUCHBACK - Secure cryptologic computer system for E-Mail and on-line data bases. Planning circa 1991; unknown disposition.
TPR - TRAINED PERSONNEL REQUIREMENT. The number of personnel entering into technical training per year. This number includes a percentage equivalent to the course attrition rate--so the output of a course equals the projected need. I.E., If Air Force needs 100 personnel to graduate from a course, and the course attrition rate is 10 percent, the TPR would be 105. USAF TPR requirements identified at a yearly TPR Conference. Similar to SMDR. Related: THROUGHPUT
TPT - Training Planning Team. For system training; called by using MAJCOMs (chaired by "lead operating command" or designated lead command"); used to direct STP development. Governing directive: AFPD 36-22. The term "TPT" has been also used to refer to schoolhouse-chaired meetings to make minor modifications or adjustments to training (not necessarily system training. AF/XOIIF can advise/suggest that such a meeting be held. See SON and PMD.
TWD - Trans World Digital; cryptologic maintenance training-related; for satellite communications maintenance. HQ AIA/LE has attended for AF/XOIIF.
TWG - see TPT.
UGIP - Undergraduate Intelligence Program. a Defense Intelligence Agency Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC) program of accredited college courses covering a broad range of intelligence topics and country surveys. The program is open to all-service enlisted, grades E-6 and above, officers, and federal government civilians. A program completion certificate is awarded on graduation. JMIC is attempting to obtain bachelor's degree-granting authority (for a Bachelor of Science, Intelligence (BSI)degree. Formerly called SEIP (pronounces "see-ip"). Related program: PGIP.
UGT - Upgrade Training; enlisted skill-level upgrade training
(5-, 7-, 9-skill levels).
UNITARY DF - name for a project to determine all-service DF requirements and develop a course to satisfy those requirements. (CROSSHAIR).
U&TW - Utilization and Training Workshop. A conference to determine AFSC utilization, classification, and training, to include CFETP and STS requirements; chaired by AF/XOIIF (co-chaired by HQ AIA/DPT),attended by the AETC training manager and command/joint activities representatives. Generally held at the training location and deals with AFSC utilization, training, and classification. Similar to CTAC/STAC, which deals with technical adequacy of training only..
VCATS - Variable Configuration Antenna Test System. Also called ENLARGER. Navy is RTA for this cryptologic maintenance training.
VPTS - Voice Processing Training System (see Sentinel Bright I)
WAGONLOAD - cryptologic equipment suites for cryptologic maintenance training at Keesler AFB
WOLFERS/ROCKETEER - cryptologic maintenance system taught at Goodfellow AFB
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