CC Seoul Standard Operating Procedures 2-2



607th Weather Squadron (PACAF)




1.0. References:  Local Policy.

2.0. General:  To provide 24 and 48 hour north Korean and DMZ cloud cover forecasts for U-2 reconnaissance flights.  Forecasts will be used to help determine U2 reconnaissance flight routes and mission sensor selection.  The forecaster will discuss the RECCE forecast with the C2, and provide them with a copy daily.

3.0. Procedures:

3.1. Forecast Locations / Time Periods:

3.2. Forecasts will be created for four specific areas in north Korea (Regions A, B, C, and D -- see attached RECCE Forecast Worksheet) and one area in South Korea (Region E). The forecast will be the amount of clouds in percentages (10 percent increments only) and will be representative of expected conditions during the entire forecast time periods.

3.3.  The forecast is broken up into four six-hour blocks for each day. Day 2 is used as a planning outlook.

3.3.1.  Day 1 begins at 00L for the next 6 hours. The next block begins at 06L for the next 6 hours.  Blocks 3 and 4 begin at 12L and 18L respectively.

3.3.2.  Day 2 is set up exactly the same way as Day 1.

4.0. Daily Forecast Preparation:

4.1. CC Seoul forecasters will use the forecast funnel process for the RECCE on the 607th Weather Squadron web page.

4.2. Surface Observations:  Surface observations, both synoptic and METAR, will be used for trends.  Fog formation and dissipation is one such example that is crucial for reconnaissance and must be taken into account by the forecaster and sensor operators.

4.3. Models:  Forecast models such as GFS, NOGAPS, MM5 and ADVECT CLOUD (JAAWIN) will be used by the forecaster.

5.0.  RECCE Objective Area Forecast.

5.1.The forecast is valid for the next days 24 hour forecast (it also includes a 48 hours planning forecast). Parameters forecast are:

5.2.  Day 1 and 2 Narratives:  This is a plain language forecast of weather affecting the Objective Area during the next 48 hours.

5.3.  Wave Height.  For continuity check current wave height under the Industry link at  Forecast graphics can be found on the following URL:  For times, use 09L/00Z for the Day 1 and Day 2 forecast wave heights.  Forecast area locations are 25nm east of RKNO and 25nm west of RKSP.

5.4.  Winds Aloft.  Wind speeds and directions are required for sixty, seventy, and eighty thousand feet. This is to be entered in a five-digit format (i.e., 15015).  Areas A-D are separated from area E on the worksheet. Use 09L/00Z for the valid time.

5.5  Cloud forecast.  The total cloud cover (to include fog) is given in a percentage of 10 percent increments (i.e. 0, 10, 20, 100 percent).  Persistence will be recorded as the cloud cover (category 1, 2, or 3) at the time issuance.

5.5.1.  A cloud forecast is given for 24 and 48 hours. List the percentage of cloud cover expected for each area and each time frame.

6.0.  Timelines for RECCE Products.

6.1.       NLT 1330L- RECCE Objective Area Forecast must be disseminated for the following day.

6.2.       NLT 2230L Send RECCE Update

6.3.       NLT 0600L Send RECCE Update

7.0.   Dissemination. 

7.1.  Normal dissemination is done by e-mail to J2 Collection Management, the 607 AIS and HTACC Weather.

7.2.  When completed, 1 copy of the RECCE forecast will be printed out and given to the C2 officer

8.0.  Back-up Dissemination Procedures.

8.1.  607AIS:  Voice 784-5976  (fax 784-2039, used as a backup only when email is down).  You must fax (fax 784-2039, voice 784-8111/3025) and email amendments. 

8.2.  HTACC Weather:  Voice 784-4133 (fax 784-6697, used as a backup only when email is down).

8.3.  J2 Collection Management:  Voice 723-3597 during normal duty hours, 723-3609 after hours.