AADC Area Air Defense Commander

ABCCC Airborne Command and Control Center

ABIT Airborne Imagery Technology

ACA Airspace Control Authority

ACC Air Combat Command

ACP Air Control Plan

ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration

AFB Air Force Base

AFMSS Air Force Mission Support System

AFSC Air Force Specialty Code

AGL Above Ground Level

AOC Air Operations Center

AOR Area of Responsibility

ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency

ART Armed Response Team

ASC Aeronautical Systems Center

AT Advanced Technology

ATO Air Tasking Order

AV Air Vehicle

AVO Air Vehicle Operator

AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System (E3A)

AWC Air Warfare Center

BDA Battle Damage Assessment

BIT Built-In-Test

BOS Base Operating Support

C2 Command and Control

C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence

CARS Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System

CDL Common Data Link

CEP Circular Error Probability

CIC Combat Intelligence Center

CINC Commander-in-Chief

CIS Combat Information System

COCOM Combatant Command

COMAFFOR Commander, Air Force Forces

CONOPS Concept of Operations

CONUS Continental United States

Conv HAE Conventional High Altitude Endurance

COTS Commercial Off-the-Shelf

CSP Communication Support Processor

CT Continuation Training

CTOC Corps Tactical Operating Center

DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access

DARS Daily Aerial Reconnaissance Syndicate

DEMPC Data Exploitation, Mission Planning, and Communications

DIA Defense Intelligence Agency

DISA Defense Information Systems Agency

DISN Defense Information System Network

DO Deputy of Operations

DOD Department of Defense

DPG Defense Planning Guidance

DSNET3 Defense Secure Network 3

DSSCS Defense Special Security Communications System 

EEI Essential Elements of Information

EMP Electromagnetic Pulse

EO Electro-Optical

EP Electronic Protection

E-TRAC Enhanced-Tactical Radar Correlator 

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FLEETSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communication

FT Feet

GBS Global Broadcast System

GCCS Global Command and Control System

GCE Ground Communications Element

GCS Ground Control Station

GMTI Ground Moving Target Indicator

GOTS Government-Off-The-Shelf

GPS Global Positioning System 

HAE High Altitude Endurance

HF High Frequency (3-30 MHz)

HMMWV High-Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle

HPRSP High Priority Readiness Spares Package

IAW In Accordance With

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization

IFF Identification Friend or Foe

INS Inertial Navigation System

INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Consortium

IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

IR Infrared

J2 Intelligence Directorate (Joint)

J3 Operations Directorate (Joint)

JAC Joint Analysis Center

JCMT Joint Collection Management Tool

JCS Joint Chief of Staff

JDISS Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System

JFACC Joint Force Air Component Commander

JFC Joint Force Commander

JFLCC Joint Force Land Component Commander

JFMCC Joint Force Maritime Component Commander

JIC Joint Intelligence Center

JPO Joint Program Office

JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council

JSIPS Joint Service Imagery Processing System

JSTARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System

JTF Joint Task Force

JWICS Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System

KIA Killed-in-Action

LG Logistics Group

LO-HAE Low Observable High Altitude Endurance

LOS Line-of-Sight

LRE Launch and Recovery Element

LRU Line Replaceable Unit

LSA Logistic Support Analysis

LSP Logistics Support Plan

MAE Medium Altitude Endurance

MAGTF Marine Ground Task Force

MASINT Measurement and Signals Intelligence

MB/S Megabyte/Second

MCE Mission Control Element

MCSP Mission Completion Success Probability

MDR Material Deficiency Report

MDT Maintenance Downtime

MIA Missing In Action

MIES Modernized Imagery Exploitation System


MNS Mission Need Statement

MOB Main Operating Base

MRC Major Regional Conflict

MS Maintenance Squadron

MWIR Medium Wave Infrared

NIIRS National Imagery Interpretation Rating Scale

NITFS 2.0 National Imagery Transmission Format Standard

NM Nautical Mile

NMJIC National Military Joint Intelligence Center

NRT Near Real Time

NSA National Security Agency

NSC National Security Council

OG Operations Group

OOTW Operations Other Than War

OPCON Operational Control

ORD Operational Requirements Document

OTH Over-the-Horizon

PANAMSAT Pan American Satellite

PLRE Portable Launch and Recovery Element

PMEL Precision Measurement Equipment Lab

POW Prisoner-of-War

PPO Pilot and Payload Operator

ROD Reconnaissance Operations Division

RSTA Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition

SATCOM Satellite Communications

SE Support Element or Support Equipment

SIGINT Signals Intelligence

SIOP Single Integrated Operational Plan

SPIN Special Instruction

SRD Standard Reporting Designator

SRO Sensitive Reconnaissance Operations

TADIX-B Tactical Data Information Exchange System

TBD To Be Determined

TCTO Time Compliance Technical Order

TIBS Tactical Information Broadcast System

TMD Theater Missile Defense

TRAP Tactical Receive Equipment and Related Application Programs

TRIXS Tactical Reconnaissance Intelligence Exchange System


UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

UHF Ultra High Frequency (300 MHz - 3 GHz)

UN United Nations

UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply

US United States

USACOM United States Atlantic Command

U&S Unified and Specified

VHF Very High Frequency (30-300 MHz)

WAS Wide Area Search

WUC Work Unit Code