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29 Jun 94



From: Head, Contracts, Code 0221, Head, Security, Code 035

To: All Codes


Ref: (a) NOSCINST 5500.1, Security Manual


PURPOSE: The purpose of this guideline is to assist Contracting and Technical personnel in the process of contractual security matters. For formal guidance, see NOSCINST 5500.1(series) Security Manual, or Code 0353.

REQUIREMENTS: Following are the basic requirements for specific topics:

PROCEDURES: Following are the basic procedures for specific topics involved with contractual security matters:

RESPONSIBILITY: The responsibility for the DD Form 254 is shared by many people. The Contracting Officer, Contract Specialist, Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) and the Contracting Officer for Security Matters (COSM) all share the responsibility for the completion, preparation and use of this form. Following are the basic responsibilities for specific security matters:

GUIDELINE PREPARATION: This booklet was prepared in cooperation by the Contracting Officer for Security Matters, Code 0353, and the Supply Department Policy Support Office, Code 02214. For questions and/or revisions to this document in the area of security matters, e-mail "patti" or "COSM" or call Patti Talley at X3/3195. For questions and/or revisions to this document in the area of contractual matters, e-mail "melody" or call Melody Petersen at X3/4531.

D. M. Smith

R. A. Fletcher

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Contracting Officer Representative
Contracting Officer for Security Matters (Currently Patti Talley) e-mail address is "patti" OR "COSM" which includes backup addressees.
Central Verification Activity
Defense Investigative Service
Invitation for Bids: Used for sealed bidding.
Request for Proposals: Used for other than small purchase procedures, when sealed bidding is not appropriate.
Request for Quote: typically used for delivery orders, small purchase procedures, GSA orders, etc.
Security Control System
Automated security clearance verification system - used by contracts division. Maintained by the COSM, Code 0353.
Technical Assistant: An assistant to the COR
Contract Security Classification Specification: Available from the COSM. This is not a "free-bin" item.

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To use the SCS you will need to log onto the VAX using the DRACO cluster (DRACO, HYDRA, etc.). For Contracting personnel, you may do this by choosing the "Communication Programs" from the LAN Main Menu. Select TERMINAL or KERMIT to come up with the # sign. Select one of the following (location 10, call 800; location 13, call d50; or location 14, call f80) and type in the location #, and return, then type the call # and return. Now type in your userid, then your password. At the $ type menu, then select SCS.

CA1000	10:39:10        COMPANY/ACTIVITY	01/28/94
Company Name     (1)          
Comp Name Cont:  (2)                                  Status:  AC
Abbreviation:                                         Foreign Owner (4)
DBA/AKA Name     (3)          
Company Address                          Classified Mailing Address
Street                                   Street (5)
City                                     City
State:      Zip: -     Country US        State     Zip: - Country: US
Clearance                                Security Officer
Fac Clearance:     UN       (6)          Last Name: 
Date Granted:     /   /   /              First Name:
Date Verified:     /   /   /(7)          Phone Number: (  )  -      Ext:
Cage Code/UIC     (8)                    FAX Number:   (  )  -      Ext:
Safeguard Cap:     (9)                   Confirmation  (  )
Remarks:     (10)
Command:(Add,Chg,Del,AddR, SecOff,ClEar,Class,CAGE,FaX,Spcl, Query, ReMarks)
Esc-chr:  help: ?  port:1  speed: 9600  parity:none  echo:rem VT102 ...

To Print the data on the Screen hit the Shift and Print Screen keys on your keyboard.It is critical when you finish using this system that you logout. TOO MANY users on the system at one time slow it down and prevents access by any other users.To escape or quit at any time use the F1 (gold) key and M. This will return you to the SCS menu. Type 99 to exit the SCS. Another approach that may be available to some individuals is to use the F1 key and type E to exit the SCS. This will return you to your menu. From the $, type lo (for logout). Then, from the # use the F10 key.

Note that the commands provided at the end of the screen can not be used by other than security personnel. These commands are for write privileges only.

(1) Company Name. Self Explanatory. If the company exceeds the length of the line, it is continued on the Comp Name Cont line (2). Both lines are required for the complete company name.

When looking for a company, you may use a wild card. Type at least three characters of the name, followed immediately by *. This will search for all companies in this string (example: HORIOKA*).

(3) If the name you are searching for happens to be the company's official DBA (Doing Business AS), type the name you are looking for on line (1), the SCS will scan all records for this entry on lines (1) and (3), and the official name will appear on line (1) with the DBA you are searching for showing on line (3) (i.e., HORIOKA ENTERPRISES INC on line (1) and CLEANSERV EXECUTIVE SERVICES on line (3)).

The screen should show your company (if it does not find your company, contact Code 0353, extensions 33195 or 35841). If the record that is displayed is not the record you thought you were looking for, please remember to double check line (3) for the company name you were searching for.

(4) Foreign Owner: If this block is filled in, then you need to contact Code 0353, extensions 33195 or 35841, for special instruction.

(5) Classified Mailing Address: This is the only official address to be used for mailing classified information.

(6) Fac Clearance: This is the current clearance level for the company. You must ensure that this level is at or above the level of your specific action.

(7) Date Verified: This is the latest verification date of the company's clearance. This should be within the last 12 months prior to providing any classified documentation or completing an award action. If this date is not within the last 12 months, you should contact code 0353, extensions 33195 or 35841 for an updated clearance verification.

(8) CAGE Code/UIC: Self explanatory. It is helpful to use the CAGE code whenever possible. This will provide the unique record for the company you are interested in (i.e., there are several HORIOKA ENTERPRISES INC., the use of the CAGE code will identify your specific location). To enter the CAGE code from the beginning (in lieu of a company name), simply TAB down twice, and enter the alpha numeric code.

(9) Safeguard Cap: This is the company's approved level of safeguarding capability. You must ensure that this level is equivalent to the classification level of the material you wish to furnish to them.

(10) Remarks: In this block, you may find information such as:

In the future the SCS screens will be changing to accommodate additional fields and the expansion of existing fields. When this occurs all information pertaining to companies, including their complete addresses, will be found in the main body of the screen and will not be continued in the remarks block.

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