SORT: 5240.3

DOCI: DODD 5240.3

DATE: 19830125

TITL: DODD 5240.3  Counterintelligence and Operations Security Support Program

for the Defense Nuclear Agency, January 25, 1983, ASD(C3I), thru Ch1,

August 7, 1992

References:  (a)  DoD Directive 5240.2, "Department of Defense

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        (d)  through (i), see enclosure 1


This Directive establishes the counterintelligence (CI)and operations

security (OPSEC) support program for the Defense Nuclear Agency (DNA).


This Directive applies to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the

military Departments, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the

Joint Staff, and the DNA.


CI and OPSEC Support Services.  Activities designed to protect

classified and operationally sensitive unclassified information and

material.  Included are CI investigations, counterespionage and

countersabotage operations, OPSEC analyses, technical surveillance

countermeasures (TSCM) services, CI security education, and CI security



It is the policy of the Department of Defense to protect to the

maximum the security of the DNA and its field activities.  To accomplish

this mission effectively, provisions shall be made for a dedicated,

tailored CI and OPSEC support program to be administered by the

Department of the Army.


1.  The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Counterintelligence and

Security Countermeasures) (DASD(CI&SCM)) shall oversee the DNA CI and

0PSEC support pogrom (see DoD Directive 5240.2, reference  (a)) and shall

designate the Director, counterintelligence, Office of the DASD(CI&SCM),

who shall:

a.  Conduct an active oversight program to ensure maximum fulfillment

of DNA CI and OPSEC support requirements.

b.  Review and rule on CI and 0PSEC matters involving the DNA that

raise substantial policy issues.

c.  Monitor actions taken to correct CI and 0PSEC deficiencies at the

DNA and recommend alternative or additional CI and 0PSEC measures.

2.  The Secretary of the Army shall:

a.  Determine, through coordination with the Director, DNA, the nature

and scope of DNA CI and OPSEC support requirements and changes affecting susupport after the changes are reviewed by the DASD(CI&SCM), or designee.

b.  Establish and maintain a unit to provide dedicated, tailored CI

and 0PSEC support services to the DNA and its field activities.  The

Commander of this Army CI and 0PSEC support unit shall:

(l)  Perform tasks initiated by the Director, DNA, or designee, in

accordance with established security and investigative policy and

procedures.  Any tasks requiring the Secretary of the Army's approval

shall be forwarded through channels to the Office of the Deputy Chief of

Staff for Intelligence.

(2)  Advise the Director, DNA, and appropriate DNA subordinate

commanders on matters affecting the security of the DNA.

(3)  Collect threat information within the limitations established in

DoD 5240.1-R (reference (b)) to provide the DNA with early warnings of


(4)  Report threat data and security hazards promptly to the Director,

DNA, or designee, providing evaluation and analysis within the Army's


(5)  Refer CI matters involving military personnel assigned to the DNA

to the military CI agency of the Military Department concerned for

appropriate investigation and disposition.  Counterespionage and

countersabotage operations may use military personnel as principals only

with the concurrence of the military CI agency of the Military Department


(6)  Refer CI matters involving civilian employees of the DNA to the

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for investigation and disposition,

in accordance with the "Agreement Governing the Conduct of Defense

Department Counterintelligence Activities in Conjunction with the Federal

Bureau of Investigation" (reference (c)).

(7)  Provide OPSEC support, advice, and assistance, in accordance with

JCS Pub 18 (reference (d)).

(8)  Coordinate automated systems security support in accordance with

DoD Directive 5200.28 (reference (e)).

(9)  Provide TSCM support in accordance with DoD Instruction 5240.5

(reference (f)).

(10)  Conduct intelligence liaison, OPSEC support liaison, and

combined OPSEC support operations directly with the Department of Energy

(DoE) and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) at those locations and

installations and on those projects in which the DNA, DoE, and NRC work


(11)  Establish and maintain direct channels of communications with

the Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, NRC, DoE,

and intelligence and counterintelligence activities of the Military

Departments to obtain and exchange information to support DNA mission


(12)  Maintain direct contact with the FBI to obtain information on

nuclear-related incidents and violations of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954

(reference (g)), nuclear terrorism, and other matters concerning the

security of the DNA and its field activities.

3.  The Director, Defense Nuclear Agency, shall:

a.  Develop and implement appropriate security plans in accordance

with DoD Directives 5200.1 and 5200.2 (references (h) and (i)).

b.  Submit CI and OPSEC tasking requirements directly to-the Commander

of the Army Cl and OPSEC support unit.

c.  Take corrective actions on security deficiencies and hazards

reported by the Army CI and 0PSEC support unit.

d.  Provide the Army CI and 0PSEC support unit with necessary

administrative personnel actions and logistics support on a

nonreimbursable basis.


This Directive is effective immediately.

Deputy Secretary of Defense

Enclosure  - 1


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