SORT: 5100.23

DOCI: DODD 5100.23

DATE: 19670517

TITL: DODD 5100.23 Administrative Arrangements for the National Security Agency,

May 17, 1967, thru Ch 2, November 1, 1985

Refs: (a) DoD Directive 5-5100.20, "The National Security Agency"

(b) DoD Directive 5100.23, "Administrative Arrangements for the National

Security Agency," August 25, 1959 (hereby cancelled)


This directive Prescribes certain administrative arrangements and

delegates administrative authorities required for the administration and

operation of the National Security Agency (NSA).


The National Security Agency is a separately organized agency within the

Department of Defense under the direction, authority and control of the

Secretary of Defense who acts as executive agent of the Government for the

maintenance and operation of the National Security Agency.  To the extent

applicable and consistent with the functions assigned to the Agency,

Department of Defense policies, regulations, and procedures will govern

the Agency's Operations.  When DoD directives, instructions, or other

authoritative issuances hereafter published refer to DoD components or

Defense Agencies, these terms include NSA unless the issuance itself

specifically exempts NSA, or the Agency had obtained an exception or

modification as provided below:

A. Originators of DoD directives* instructions, and substantive changes to

these documents shall ascertain and consider the views of the Director,

NSA as appropriate.

B. If the Director, NSA, determines that DoD issuances would adversely

affect the conduct of the mission of the Agency or interfere with its

security requirements, he shall recommend to the Secretary of Defense

exceptions or modifications to these issuances within 90 days from the

date of their promulgation.


The following specific arrangements and provisions will be applied in the

administration and operation of the NSA:

A. Programming, budgeting, financing, accounting, and financial reporting

activities of NSA will be in conformance with policies established by the

Assistant Secretary of Defense (Comptroller). Disbursing services will be

provided by the military departments

B. The Director, NSA, will develop, in collaboration with the military

departments, and submit to the Secretary of Defense, in accordance with

applicable directives consolidated cryptologic plans and programs,

together with the Director's recommendations as to requirements for

military and civilian manpower, operating costs, investment in facilities

and capital equipment, and research, development, test and evaluation.

C. The Director, NSA, shall make maximum use of the established facilities

and services of the military departments and other DoD components wherever

practicable to achieve maximum efficiency and economy.

1. The military departments and other DoD components shall provide such

support to the NSA within their capabilities as may be necessary to carry

out the assigned responsibilities of the Agency.

2. The need for and propriety of items procured for the NSA shall be

determined by the Director, NSA, subject to DoD procurement regulations.

3. Although the Agency will operate its own printing plants, it will

utilize the facilities of the military departments for the disposal of

printing, binding, and related equipment that is surplus to the needs of

the Agency.  Such equipment will be removed promptly from the Agency

facility by the military department concerned.  When such equipment is

being replaced, it will be removed concurrently with or prior to, as

appropriate, the delivery of the replacement items.  In other instances,

when it is necessary for the convenience of the Agency that surplus

printing equipment be removed prior to its final disposition by a military

department or the General Services Administration, the cost of the removal

will be borne by the Agency.

4. Other excess or surplus equipment and supplies of the Agency will be

disposed of in accordance with DoD directives.

D. Statistics, reports or information which will disclose the organization

or any function of the NSA, any of its activities, or the names, titles,

salaries, or number of persons employed by the Agency will not be released

outside the DoD to any individual, organization, or Government department

or agency except when authorized by the Director, NSA, the Secretary of

Defense, or other proper authority, or when required by law.  Statistics

and progress or status reports, including those pertaining to personnel

employed by or assigned to the NSA, which are required by activities of

the Office of the Secretary of Defense will be submitted by the Agency to

the Directorate of Statistical Services, OASD(Comp), in accordance with

the provisions of DoD Instruction 7700. 3.

E. All military and civilian positions of the NSA are hereby designated as

"critical sensitive positions" and will be treated as such in connection

with investigative, security clearance, and employment matters.


An inclosure to this directive contains delegations of the various

administrative authorities required by the Director, NSA to administer and

direct the operations of the Agency.


This directive is effective upon publication.  Reference (b) is hereby

superseded and cancelled.

Deputy Secretary of Defense

Enclosure - I Delegation of Authority


Pursuant to the authority vested in the Secretary of Defense, the

following authorities, as required in the administration and operation of

the National Security Agency, (NSA), are hereby delegated, subject to the

authority, direction, and control of the Secretary of Defense, to the

Director, NSA, or in the event of the absence or incapacity of the

Director, to the person acting for him to:

1. Exercise the powers vested in the Secretary of Defense by Sections 302

and 3101 of Title 5, United States Code, and Sections 2 and 4 of Public

Law 86-36, as amended (50 USC 402 note), pertaining to the establishment

of positions; the fixing of basic compensation; the employment, direction,

and general administration of civilian personnel of the NSA subject to the

following provisions:

a.  Positions established at the basic compensation equal to rates of basiccompensation authorized for Grades 16, 17 and 18 of the General Schedule

(5 USC 5332) are subject to the approval of the Secretary of Defense, and

b.  The rates of compensation for positions established under the

provisions of Section 4 of Public Law 86-36, as amended (50 USC 402 note)

will be subject to approval by the Secretary of Defense.

2. Fix rates of pay for wage board employees in relation to prevailing

rates for comparable job in the locality.

3. Prescribe, as conditions of employment, that NSA employees

(a) must serve any place in the world as the needs of the Agency dictate,

and (b) must forego personal unofficial travel when the Director, NSA,

determines that travel in the proposed area would constitue a hazard to

national security.

4. Administer oaths of office incident to entrance into the Executive

Branch of the Federal Government or any other oath required by law in

connection with employment therein, in accordance with the provisions of 5

USC 2903, and to designate in writing, as may be necessary, officers and

employees of the NSA to perform this function.

5. Grant additional compensation to civilian officers and employees of the

National Security Agency who are citizens or nationals of the United

States, in accordance with and not to exceed additional compensation

authorized by regulations of the State Department or the Civil Service

Commission, whichever is applicable, for employees whose rates of basic

compensation are fixed by statute.

6. Establish advisory committees and employ or procure the services of

part-time advisors as consultants and experts as approved by the Secretary

of Defense for the performance of NSA functions pursuant to the provisions

of 10 USC 173, 5 USC 3109, and the agreement between the Department of

Defense and the Civil Service Commission on the employment of experts and

consultants dated July 22, 1959; and waive compliance with any part or all

of the requirements of rules 1, 2, and 3 in paragraph V.A. of DoD

Directive 5030. 13, dated April 20, 1962, for any advisory committee,

other than an industry advisory committee, when the Director, NSA finds

that compliance would render effective utilization of the committee

impracticable and that such waiver would be in the public interest.

7. Establish an NSA Incentive Awards Board and pay cash awards to, and

incur necessary expenses for the honorary recognition of (a) civilian

employees of the Government whose suggestions, inventions, superior

accomplishments, or other personal efforts, including special acts or

services, benefit or affect NSA or its subordinate activities in

accordance with the provisions of 5 USC 4501-4506 and Civil Service

Commission and DoD regulations, and (b) military assignees to the Agency

whose suggestions, inventions scientific achievements or other meritorious

special acts or services in connection with or related to their official

duties benefit or affect NSA or its subordinate activities in accordance

with 10 USC 1124 and DoD Directive 5120. 15, dated 3 December 1965.

8. Authorize persona to be provisionally employed before the completion of

a full field investigation provided such persons are not given access to

sensitive cryptologic information while so employed, in accordance with

Section 302(a) of Public Law 88-290.

In an exceptional case in which the Director makes a determination in

writing that his action is necessary or advisable in the national

interest, authorize the employment of any person, or the detail or

assignment of any person to the Agency, and grant to any such person

access to sensitive cryptologic information, on a temporary basic pending

the completion of a full field investigation, provided in such a case

priority shall be given to the full field investigation, in accordance

with Section 302(a) of Public Law 88-290, DoD Directive 5210.8, dated 15

February 1962, and 5210.45, dated 9 May 1964.

9. Provide for and establish boards of appraisal to assist the Director in

discharging his personnel security responsibilities to appoint the members

of such boards and to make the determination that a person's employment,

detail, assignment, or access to classified information is or is not in

the national interest, in accordance with Section 302(b) of Public Law 88-

290 and the provisions of Department of Defense Directive 5210.45.

10. Authorize the suspension, but not to terminate the services of an

employee in the interest of nroperty and places under the jurisdiction of the Director, NSA, pursuant

to the provisions of DoD Directive 5200. 8 dated August 20, 1954.

15. Classify, declassify and downgrade or upgrade the classification of

defense information or material for which the NSA has responsibility

pursuant to Executive Order 10501, dated November 5, 1953, as amended, and

DoD Directive 5200.1 , dated July 8, 1957, and to designate in writing, as

may be necessary, officers and employees within the NSA to perform these


16. Act, with respect to NSA employees, as agent for the collection and

payment of taxes imposed by Subtitle C of Title 26, United States Code,

and as such agent, to make all de terminations and certifications required

or provided for under Section 3122 of Title 26, United States Code, and

Section 205 (p) (1) and (2) of the Social Security Act, as amended (42 USC

405 (p) (l) and (2)).

17. Authorize and approve overtime work of NSA civilian officers and

employees of NSA in accordance with the provisions of Section 550. 11 of

the Civil Service Regulations.

18. Authorize and approve:

a.  Travel for NSA civilian officers and employees in accordance with JointTravel Regulations, Volume 2, Department of Defense Civilian Personnel,

dated July 1, 1965, as amended;

b.  Temporary duty travel only for military personnel assigned or detailed

to NSA in accordance with Joint Travel Regulations, Volume 1, for the

Uniformed Services, dated July 1, 1965, as amended;

c.  Invitational travel to persons serving without compensation whose

consultive, advisory, or other highly specialized technical services are

required in a capacity that is directly related to or in connection with

NSA activities, pursuant to 5 USC 5703.

19. Approve the expenditure of funds available for travel by military

personnel assigned or detailed to NSA for expenses incident to attendance

at meetings of technical, scientific, or professional or similar

organizations in such instances where the approval of the Secretary of

Defense or his designee is required by law (37 USC 412).

20. Develop, establish, and maintain an active and continuing Records

Management Program, pursuant to the provisions of Section 506 (b) and (c)

of the Federal Records Act of 1950, as amended (44 USC 396 (b)), and when

authorized, operate a records center pursuant to the provisions of 506 (c)

of the Federal Records Act of 1950 (44 USC 396 (c)).

21. Enter into and administer contracts in accordance with applicable

laws, DoD regulations and the Armed Services Procurement Regulations,

directly or through a Military Department, a DoD contract administration

services component, or other Government Department or agency, as

appropriate, for supplies, equipment and services required to accomplish

the mission of the NSA. To the extent that any law or executive order

specifically limits the exercise of such authority to persons at the

Secretarial level of a Military Department, such authority will be

exercised by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Installations and


22. Establish and use Imprest Funds for making small purchases of material

and services other than personal for NSA when it is determined more

advantageous and consistent with the best interests of the Government, in

accordance with the provisions of DoD instruction 7280.1, dated January 5,

1962, and the Joint Regulations of the General Services Administration -

Treasury Department -- General Accounting Office, entitled "For Small

Purchases Utilizing Imprest Funds.

23. Establish and maintain appropriate property accounts for NSA and--to

appoint Boards of Survey, approve reports of survey, relieve personal

liability and drop accountability for NSA property maintained in the

authorized Departmental Property Account which has been lost, damaged,

stolen, destroyed, or otherwise rendered unserviceable, pursuant to the

provisions of applicable laws and regulations.

24. Act for the Secretary of Defense before the Joint Committee on

Printing, the Public Printer, and the Director, Bureau of the Budget on

all matters pertaining to printing, binding, and publication requirements

of the NSA.

25. Publish advertisements, notices, or proposals, in newspapers,

magazines, or other public periodicals as required for the effective

administration and operation of the NSA (44 USC 324).

26. Enter into support and services agreements with the military

departments, other DoD components, and other Government agencies as


The Director, NSA, may redelegate these authorities, as appropriate, and

in writing, except as otherwise specifically indicated above or as

otherwise provided by law.