SORT: 5100.47

DOCI: DODD 5100.47

DATE: 19650430

TITL: DODD 5100.47 National Cryptologic School, April 30, 1965, ASD(SIS)

Refs: (a) DoD Directive 5-3115. 2, March 19, 1959

(b) DoD Directive 5-3115. 4, March 19, 1959


This directive provides for the establishment of the National Cryptologic

School as a professional educational institution of the National Security

Agency (NSA).


The National Cryptologic School will conduct courses of instruction

related to cryptologic functions designed to:

A. Enhance the preparation of selected military officers and civilian

personnel for important command, staff, and policy-making positions in the

national and international security structure.

B. Prepare military and civilian personnel for duty in cryptologic and

related activities.

C. Assist the broad career development of military and civilian personnel

assigned to cryptologic functions.


The provisions of this directive apply to all components of DoD.


Under the direction of the Secretary of Defense, the Director, NSA shall:

A. Operate arid control the National Cryptologic School.

B. Determine the level and scope of courses of instruction to be offered

by the School for both resident and non-resident use, as required for

accomplishment of cryptologic missions, and establish the necessary

training programs arid courses.

C. Establish for the School:

1. The total enrollment and allocation of student quotas for resident


2. Criteria for selection of students for resident courses.

3. Prerequisites and regulations for participation in correspondence


D. Reallocate equitably unfilled quotas for resident courses.

E. Select the Chief, National Cryptologic School.


A. The staff and faculty will be provided from civilian and military

personnel on duty with NSA and by detail from the military departments to

the school for specific training requirements.

B. Clerical support for specialized and advanced courses conducted by the

School for the departments will be provided by NSA.

C. Except as provided below, NSA will be responsible for programming,

budgeting, and financing of expenses incident to the National Cryptologic


1. The pay, allowances (including subsistence) of military personnel, and

the permanent change of station travel costs of military and civilian

personnel assigned to the staff or faculty of the School will be borne by

the DoD components from which assigned.

2. Pay, allowances and travel costs (not integral to courses of

instruction) of military and civilian personnel assigned as students at

the School will be borne by their respective sponsoring DoD components.

3. Equipments peculiar to cryptologic missions and required to support

specialized and advanced training for the military departments will be

programmed, budgeted and provided to the School by the DoD components in

accordance with established DoD procedures and the related Combined

Cryptologic Program.

D. The Director, NSA, shall report annually to the Secretary of Defense on

the operations of the School, including recommendations as appropriate.


The appropriate provisions of DoD Directives 5-3115.2 and 5-3115.4

(references (a) and (b)) apply to the Director, NSA, and his designees, in

the discharge of the functions and responsibilities assigned by this



This directive is effective upon publication.  Its provisions will be

implemented as determined by the Director, NSA.

Deputy Secretary of Defense