SORT: 3305.5

DOCI: DODD 3305.5

DATE: 19860509

TITL: DODD 3305.5 General Defense Intelligence Program (GDIP) Management, May 9,

1986, ASD(C3I)

Refs:(a) Title 10, United States Code, Section 133

(b) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communi cations and

Intelligence) Memorandum, "Management of General Intelligence Resources,"

July 28, 1977 (hereby canceled)

(c) Executive Order 12333, "United States Intelligence Activities,"

December 4, 1981

(d) DoD Directive 5105.21, "Defense Intelligence Agency," May 19, 1977

(e) DoD Directive 5137.1, "Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command,

Control, Communications, and Intelligence)," April 2, 1985 (f) DoD

Directive 5000.19, "Policies for the Management and Control of Information

Requirements," March 12, 1976


This Directive:

1. Designates the Director, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), as Program

Manager of the General Defense Intelligence Program (GDIP) and establishes

a GDIP Staff to support the Program Manager, pursuant to the authority

vested in the Secretary of Defense under reference (a).

2. Supersedes reference (b).


This Directive applies to the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD),

the Military Departments, the Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

(OJCS), the Unified and Specified Commands, and the Defense Agencies

(hereafter referred to collectively as "DoD Components"). The term

"Military Services," as used herein, refers to the Army, Navy, Air Force,

and Marine Corps.


The General Defense Intelligence Program is part of the National Foreign

Intelligence Program (NFIP) as defined in Section 3.4(g) of reference (c).

It includes those national intelligence activities of the Department of

Defense that are not in other NFIP components.  The GDIP includes

specialized national reconnaissance sub systems and communications

intelligence components of multisensor systems.  It may include other

National Foreign Intelligence Program activities as agreed between the

Secretary of Defense and the Director of Central Intelligence (DCI).


The Director, Defense Intelligence Agency, in addition to discharging the

responsibilities and functions assigned in DoD Directive 5105.21

(reference as GDIP Manager, shall centrally manage the resource planning,

programming and budgeting of the NFlP resources of the Department of

Defense that are not included in other NFIP components and shall:

1. Ensure that the activities of the GDIP support national and DoD

intelligence goals, objectives, and priorities identified by the DCI and

the Secretary of Defense; the requirements of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

(JCS) and of the Unified and Specified Commands validated by the JCS and

the missions of the Military Departments.

2. Respond to DCl guidance, and develop and submit to the DCl proposed

programs and budgets in the format designated by the DCI.

3. Provide the DCl with all information concerning the GDIP and its

component elements necessary for the DCI to implement program and budget

responsibilities assigned in E.O. 12333 (reference (c)).

4. Respond to Secretary of Defense guidance, and provide the Assistant

Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence)

(ASD(C3I)) with all information concerning the GDIP and its component

elements necessary to accomplish the functions and responsibilities stated

in DoD Directive 5137.1 (reference (e)).

5. To ensure support of DoD elements' priorities and objectives, at

critical points during development of the program conduct reviews and

evaluations with participation of senior representatives of OJCS, the

Unified and Specified Commands, the Military Services, and the ASD(C3I).

6. Work closely with the ASD(C3I) and staff in accordance with reference

(e) to ensure maximum complementarity and mutual support among the GDIP

and other DoD intelligence programs, and to ensure that the GDIP is based

on validated requirements.

7. Exercise responsibility for GDIP resource planning, guidance,

programming, and budgeting, and shall:

a.  Provide program policy guidance and instructions for DIA and Military

Department resource planning, programming, and budgeting.

b.  Make program and budget recommendations to the ASD(C3I) in accordance

with reference (e).

c.  Task GDIP components, as required, to support GDIP program management

responsibilities and to respond to DCI, OSD, Office of Management and

Budget (OMB), and Congress on GDIP matters.

d.  Produce congressional budget justifications and represent GDIP

components and activities during congressional program/budget

authorization and appropriation hearings and reviews dealing with GDIP


e.  Identify and resolve GDIP-related program, budget, and management

issues and problems.

f.  Monitor the DoD budget to ensure that DCI resource decisions

concerning the GDIP are accurately reflected; and identify issues arising

therefrom to the ASD)(C3I) or the Assistant Secretary of Defense

(Comptroller) (ASD(C)) for resolution.

g.  Coordinate, as appropriate, GDIP planning guidance, resource plans,

programs, and proposed budgets with other national foreign intelligence,

DoD and Military Department intelligence and intelligence-related programs

and budgets.

h.  Assess the effectiveness of GDIP programs and activities; their

responsiveness to identified national, DoD, and Unified and Specified

Command needs; and the adequacy of interrelationships between GDIP

activities and those of other intelligence and intelligence-related


8. Designate an Acting Program Manager in the Program Manager's absence.


1. The GDIP Program Manager shall be supported by a directly subordinate

GDIP Staff.  The GDIP Staff shall operate independently of the DIA, but

within the authorities assigned to the Director of DIA in this Directive

and in DoD Directive 5105.21 (reference (d)). Except as otherwise provided

by agreement between the Program Manager and other offices and agencies,

the DIA shall provide the GDIP Staff with administrative, logistical,

personnel, financial, and other support.

2. The GDIP Staff shall be headed by a Director who shall function as the

Deputy Program Manager and program coordinator.  The Deputy Program Managershall exercise such responsibilities and functions as the Program Manager


3. Members of the GDIP Staff shall represent the Program Manager, as

appropriate, in contacts with other elements of the Department of Defense,

OMB, the intelligence community, and congressional staffs.

4. The GDIP Staff shall develop and produce documents such as the annual

Program Manager'S Guidance Memorandum, the GDIP Budget Forecast, and the

GDIP Budget Estimate to implement the Program Manager's responsibilities.


The administrative authorities required by the Director, DIA, to

administer and direct the operation of the DIA, as stated in the enclosure

to DoD Directive 5105.21 (reference (d)), are hereby delegated to the GDIP

Program Manager to administer and direct the operations of the GDIP Staff.

In performing the assigned responsibilities and functions relating to the

GDIP, the Program Manager is specifically delegated authority to:

1. Establish, operate, and control the GDIP Staff and its activities.

2. Assign tasks and issue instructions and guidance to the DoD elements of

the GDIP as necessary to carry out the GDIP management responsibilities.

This delegation of authority enabled the GDIP Manager to deal directly

with the Military Departments on GDIP matters.

3. Have free and direct access to and communicate with DoD Components,

agencies within the U.S. Intelligence Community, and other executive

departments and agencies, as necessary.

4. Obtain from any DoD Component such information as may be necessary to

perform assigned functions, subject to DoD Directive 5000.19 (reference


5. Enter into intra-Department of Defense and interagency agreements and

understandings, as necessary, for GDIP management and determination of

resource requirements of GDIP units and activities.


This Directive is effective immediately.  The GDIP Program Manager shall

issue implementing documents within 90 days.

William H. Taft, IV Deputy Secretary of Defense