SORT: 5210.46

DOCI: DODD 5210.46

DATE: 19820128

TITL: DODD 5210.46  DoD Building Security for the National Capital Region,
January 28, 1982, ASD(C)

References:  (a)  DoD Directive 5210.46, subject as above, January
13, 1981 (hereby canceled)
(b)  DoD Directive 5100.49, "Pentagon
Counterintelligence Program,11 December 3, 1965
(hereby canceled)
(c)  DoD Directive 5200.8, 1Security of Military
Installations and Resources," July 29, 1980
(d)  Title 40, United States Code, Section 318
(e)  through (i), see enclosure l


This Directive reissues reference (a) to update established policy and
to assign responsibilities for DoD building security in the National
Capital Region (NCR); and cancels reference (b).


1.  The provisions of this Directive apply to those elements of the
Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Military Departments, the
Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Defense Agencies, and
activities supported by the Washington Headquarters Services (WHS)
(hereafter referred to as "DoD Components") occupying buildings or parts
of buildings throughout the NCR that are under the authority and control
of the General Services Administration (GSA) (hereafter referred to as
GSA/DoD NCR buildings).

2.  This Directive does not apply to security responsibilities for
buildings located on military reservations, posts, camps, stations,
installations, and activities in the NCR covered by the provisions of
reference (c), unless otherwise provided by specific agreement between the
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Administration) (DASD(A)) and the
DoD Component concerned.


1.  National Capital Region.  Includes the District of Columbia;
Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland; Arlington, Fairfax,
Loudoun, and Prince William Counties, and the cities of Alexandria,
Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas, and Manassas Park in Virginia. 2.
Security Hours.  Those designated hours when a building pass or other
identification card or document, as authorized by the Director, WHS, is
required for any person to gain admittance to or remain within a GSA/DoD
NCR building.


1.  A system of building passes shall be used to control access to
GSA/ DoD NCR buildings, except as noted in subsection B.2. Building passes
shall be issued for retention and use only to persons requiring frequent
and continued access to GSA/DoD NCR buildings.

2.  Enclosure 2 prescribes the procedures governing the issue and use
of building passes in the NCR, except as noted in subsection B.2.

3.  Real property management for the buildings referred to in this
Directive is vested in the GSA, under 40 U.S.C. (reference (d)).  The GSA
provides normal building protection, through its Federal Protective
Service Division, to protect the buildings and government property therein
and to provide for the safety of government occupants.

4.  In space assigned to tenant agencies, the use of additional
Federal Protective Service Officer and commercial contract guard services,
the protection of property, and the installation, operation, and
maintenance of alarms and other security devices are the responsibility of
the occupying DoD Component.  Such services may be provided by GSA on a
reimbursable basis, provided funds are available from tenant resources.
Requests for procurement of these services shall be with the full
cognizance of the DoD Component's Space Management and Operations offices
and shall be coordinated with and transmitted through the Area DoD
Building Administrator to the Director, WHS. All requests for additional
security services or security construction shall be accompanied by a
detailed justification statement and citation of regulations or directives
upon which the requests are based.

5.  When two or more DoD Components do not agree on security policy,
procedures, or counterintelligence support in GSA/DoD NCR buildings, the
issue shall be referred to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
(Adminstration) (DASD(A)) for final resolution.


1.  The Director, Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), or designee,
under DoD Directive 5110.4 (reference (e)), shall:

a.  Provide overall administration and coordination of GSA/DoD NCR
building security matters, the resolution of requests for exceptions to
the provisions of this Directive, and the safety of government occupants.

b.  Ensure that a pass system is prescribed and effectively
implemented for GSA/DoD NCR buildings.

c.  Determine design and color specifications, and manage the
procurement, bulk distribution, and control of DoD building passes, in
accordance with enclosure 2.

d.  Determine when continuous security measures are to be established.

e.  Monitor the security of the Pentagon building and maintain the
following Pentagon security functions:

(l)  Operation of the Pentagon pulping plant and incinerator, to
include the scheduling of the destruction of classified waste at both

(2)  Liaison with DoD Components, Offices of the Public Building
Service, GSA, and other U.S. agencies for the purpose of implementing the
provisions contained herein.

f.  Monitor counterintelligence support provided to those DoD
Components occupying GSA/DoD NCR buildings that do not have an internal
counterintelligence support capability or a support agreement with a DoD
counterintelligence activity; coordinate, as required, the provision of
support from the Military Departments and NSA, consistent with established
command channels.

2.  For each GSA/DoD NCR building, except the Pentagon, the Area DoD
Building Administrator, designated by the Director, WHS, or his designee,
shall ensure the implementation of a building security program and shall:

a.  Devise and enforce security plans and procedures that are
appropriate and consistent with DoD policies and regulations.

b.  Issue and post security regulations, in accordance with 50 U.S.C.
797 (reference (f)).

c.  Monitor the security status of the buildings or parts of buildings
occupied by DoD activities and take appropriate action to remedy
unsatisfactory conditions within assigned areas of responsibility.

d.  Coordinate the building security interests of the DoD tenants.

e.  Maintain close liaison with building guard forces.

f.  Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the building guard
forces and recommend changes when such action is warranted.

g.  Provide special instructions to building guard forces, as

h.  Regulate the introduction and use of photographic equipment in and
around assigned buildings.

i.  Monitor the execution of building admittance procedures to include
the establishment of security hours.

j.  In leased space, maintain liaison with appropriate law enforcement
agencies for emergency support.

k.  Ensure that sufficient arrangements for disposal and destruction
of classified waste for DoD tenant agencies are made.

3.  Heads of DoD Components assigned space within a GSA/DoD NCR
building shall:

a.  Safeguard national defense information and material as required by
DoD 5200.l-R (reference (g)).

b.  Issue additional security regulations to implement this Directive.

c.  Forward reports on counterintelligence activities in GSA/DoD NCR
buildings that involve any significant degradation of security, to the
Director, WHS, or designee, for possible dissemination to DoD Components
concerned.  These reports are exempt from formal approval and licensing
pursuant to subsection VII. G. of enclosure 3 to DoD Directive 5000.19
(reference (h)).

4.  Heads of DoD Components issuing building passes shall maintain
appropriate records that ensure strict accountability for all passes
issued, lost, turned in, expired, or destroyed.  All passes no longer
required shall be collected and returned to point of issue for


Exceptions to the procedures set forth in enclosure 2 for admittance
of visitors to GSA/DoD NCR buildings (except the Pentagon) may be
prescribed by individual Area Building Administrators in order to
accommodate special security and access requirements in buildings under
their jurisdiction.  Such exceptions shall be reviewed and approved by the
Director, Physical Security Division, WHS, who shall also review and
approve exceptions affecting the Pentagon.


This Directive is effective immediately.  Forward one copy of
implementing documents to the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Comptroller)
within 120 days.

                   Frank C. Callucci
                   Deputy Secretary of Defense

Enclosures - 2
l. References
2. DoD Building Passes
National Capital Region

      REFERENCES, continued

(e)  DoD Directive 5110.4, "Washington  Headquarters Services,"
October l, 1977

(f)  Title 50, United States Code, Section 797 (g) DoD 5200.l-R,
"Information Security Program Regulation," October 1980
authorized by DoD Directive 5200.1, November 29, 1978
(h)  DoD Directive 5000.19, "Policies for the Management and Control of
Information Requirements," March 12, 1976
(i)  DoD 52O0.2-R, "DoD Personnel Security Program," December 20, 1979,
authorized by DoD Directive 5200.2, December 20, 1979
(j)  Executive Order 12036, "National Security Information," June 28, 1978
(Section 1-1104)



This enclosure prescribes requirements for the issuance and use of
standard building passes during security hours by all persons requiring
admittance to GSA/DoD NCR building that are subject to this Directive.


1.  DoD building passes shall be issued only to U.S. nationals,
immigrant aliens, and foreign exchange officers.  Passes issued to foreign
exchange officers shall not exceed 12 months' duration and must be
requested only by the respective Army, Navy, Air Force, or Defense
Intelligence Agency Foreign Liaison Office.

2.  Permanent building passes shall be issued to all regularly
employed DoD occupants (civilian and military) of GSA/DoD NCR buildings.
Permanent passes may also be issued to other authorized persons who
require continuous access to such buildings.  Persons requiring access on
an infrequent basis (less than 3 times per week) are not eligible for a
permanent pass, but may be issued the proper temporary pass for one entry
or for a specific period.

3.  Normally, the expiration date on permanent passes for permanent
DoD employees will be 4 years.  The expiration date on permanent passes
for temporary DoD employees will be the last day of the month in which the
appointment expires.  Employees of DoD nonappropriated fund activities and
Pentagon concessionaires may be issued permanent passes of 4 years
validity. Permanent passes for contractors and other authorized visitors
Bill be valid for the term of the contract or not to exceed 12 months.

4.  Except in the Pentagon where the wearing of an authorized building
pass is mandatory from 1800 hours to 0700 hours weekdays and all day
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, each person, civilian and military,
shall show, during designated security hours, his or her DoD building pass
when entering and departing a GSA/DoD NCR building, and may wear the pass
in a conspicuous place on the outer clothing while in the building.  If
the pass is not displayed, civilians and military members must immediately
show proper identification to building security force members when
challenged.  The Director, WHS, or his designee, may, when warranted by
particular security considerations, give published notification that the
display of building passes on outer clothing is mandatory in designated
GSA/DoD NCR buildings during the hours and for the period specified in the
notice.  However, the following officials are not required to display
building passes, except as requested by Federal Protective Service
officers and guards uncertain of their identity:

a.  Secretary of Defense
b.  Deputy Secretary of Defense
c.  Under Secretaries of Defense
d.  Secretary of the Army
e.  Secretary of the Navy
f.  Secretary of the Air Force
g.  Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
h.  Chief of Staff, Army
i.  Chief of Naval Operations
j.  Chief of Staff, Air Force
k.  Commandant, Marine Corps
l.  Assistant Secretaries of Defense
m.  General Counsel of the Department of Defense
n.  Assistants to the Secretary of Defense
o.  Under and Assistant Secretaries of the Military Departments
p.  Vice Chief of Staff, Army
q.  Vice Chief of  Naval Operations
r.  Vice Chief of Staff, Air Force
s.  Assistant Commandant, Marine Corps

5.  Passes issued for access to GSA/DoD NCR buildings do not authorize
access to specially designated restricted or security areas within such
buildings.  Admittance to these areas shall be in accordance with the
pass requirements and procedures prescribed for those areas by the head
of the DoD Component concerned.

6.  A favorable Entrance National Agency Check (ENTNAC), National
Agency Check (NAC), NAG with Written Inquiries (NACI), or a Background
Investigation as prescribed in DoD~5200.2-R (reference (i)), is required
for each person issued a permanent DoD building pass, except that
permanent building passes may be issued, pending completion of the NAG, to
permanent full-time appropriated-fund employees and permanently assigned
military personnel in organizations located in GSA/DoD NCR buildings.  A
temporary pass may be issued, pending completion of the NAC, to permanent
full-time appropriated-fund employees and permanently assigned military
personnel in organizations located in GSA/DoD NCR buildings.  A temporary
pass may be issued to other authorized personnel, provided an ENTNAC, NAC,
NACI, or BI is initiated immediately.  If it is determined that the
results of the ENTNAC, NAG, BI, or NACI are unfavorable, the temporary or
permanent pass issued pending completion of the appropriate security
checks or investigations shall be withdrawn immediately by the issuing DoD
Component.  A permanent pass may be issued to immigrant aliens only upon
completion of a favorable BI.

7.  Passes shall be designed to be reasonably tamperproof.  Each pass
shall be individually numbered in its initial manufacture and shall be
accounted for at all stages of handling.

8.  The issuance of passes permitting access to more than one building
shall be justified on an "as required" basis.

9.  Upon routine transfer of a passholder from one DoD Component to
another within the NCR, retention of a valid pass is authorized.
Accountability shall be assumed by the gaining Component.  The losing
Component shall notify the building pass office of the passholder's new

10.  The DoD Component requesting a permanent building pass for an
individual shall ensure that the person has a definite need for access to
a GSA/DoD NCR building or buildings and verify that the individual has had
a favorable ENTNAC, NAC, NACI, or BI.  The requesting Component shall
monitor the continuing requirement for the passholder to retain his  oil
her pass and deliver collected passes to point of issue.

11.  Each passholder shall exercise every precaution to preclude loss
of his or her pass; however, if a pass is lost, the loss shall be reported
immediately to proper authority.  Appropriate administrative action shall
be taken by the responsible DoD Component in instances involving negligent
loss, willful destruction or alteration, misuse of any pass, or failure to
report loss immediately.


1.  DoD Building Pass (DD Form 1466).  A permanent pass for personnel
who regularly work in or require frequent access to GSA/DoD NCR buildings
during security hours.  This pass shall indicate on the face thereof that
it is for use in "All DoD" buildings or the specific building for which it
is valid.

2.  Temporary DoD Building Pass (DD Form 1469).  A pass for use during
security hours in GSA/DoD NCR buildings for persons whose presence therein
is required for a limited period of time, or for individuals awaiting
completion of an ENTNAC, NAC, NACI, or BI.  This pass shall be issued only
for such period of time as is necessary, up to a maximum of 120 days.
Request for DoD Temporary Building Pass (DD Form 1471) shall be submitted
by the requesting DoD Component to the issuing authority.

3.  Visitor Passes.  There are two types of visitor passes, escort and
nonescort, which shall be used for the conduct of DoD business only and
shall identify the specific building in which the pass is valid.  Visitor
passes shall be issued for one entry and shall normally be returned to the
point of the entry when the visitor departs from the building.  A record
of issuance shall be maintained at the point of entry.  All visitors shall
be the responsibility of the DoD Component requesting admittance.

a.  Escort Required Visitor DoD Building Pass (DD Form 1470-1).  A
pass for visitors having infrequent business with specific individuals or
offices within a GSA/DoD NCR building.  Such visitors shall be issued this
pass during security hours and shall be escorted at all times by properly
identified escorts provided by the office to be visited.

b.  Nonescort Visitor DoD Building Pass (DD Form 1470)

(l)  Designated persons having infrequent business with specific
individuals or offices may be issued nonescort-type passes upon receipt of
an official written request from the requesting DoD Component.

(2)  This pass may also be used to meet special requirements in a
specific GSA/DoD NCR building when authorized by the proper DoD official
responsible for building administration.


Press passes are issued by the Director, WHS, or designee, through
prior agreement and coordination with officials in the Office of the
Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs).