Leadership Expectations

This is a reprint of a memo dated 16 August 1996 which clarifies my leadership expectations.

1. My evaluation of you won't be a perfunctory task. Instead, I'll work very hard to know you, observe you as military and civilian, managers, officers, leaders, trainers, and give you the fairest evaluation possible. I fully realize the importance of my words on your performance reports in regards to your professional future. Thus, I want to provide you some guidance, some parameters, some sense of azimuth that you can hook into to help guide your actions, development, and thoughts.

2. Here are some of my thoughts and some expectations I have for officers and senior civilians in the J2.

fail (except in matters of morals, integrity violations, safety, and embarrassment to the organization). Help subordinates learn about warfighting, information, technology, theory, history, etc. Prepare subordinates for the future.