Vision Enabling Document

Collection Management: Organized, Responsive, Creative

Inculcate Organized and Responsive Collection Management System

Create Combinations To Promote Synergy

Interact with consumers of our information

Synchronize Intelligence Collection

Couple Information With Killing Systems.

Respond to fast changing conditions.

Exercise/train collection management system.

Guard against complacency.

Design and implement system to achieve SIGINT collection coherence and synergy.

Operations: Capable Operations System -- Crisis and War.

Weight battlefield with information.

Track arriving intelligence assets and maintain RSRs.

Know and Use Communications.

Design Effective Intelligence Dissemination System -- Works in Armistice and War. Information must reach consumers in the form they need, with timeliness they need, with accuracy they require, to degree of specificity they define.

Automation and communications

Design Seamless Intelligence Connectivity, Armistice and War.

Intelligence Support To Targeting -- Responsive to Warfighters.

Theater missile defense. Continue with theater missile defense efforts. We'll have a theater missile defense system that captures the good work already done and move into the future with even better analyses, tied to the quick capture of information from collection systems and synthesis..

Intelligence and Security: Develop, implement active, system-wide armistice and war intelligence security system.

Anticipate, deny strategic and tactical terrorism, armistice and war

Develop and Promulgate GTW HUMINT Architecture

Develop system to gain timely access to information collected by SOC-K and CUWTF

Develop and promulgate enemy prisoner of war plan

Sustain counterintelligence support to force protection for Armistice; design system for crisis and war

All Divisions and their leaders:

Develop Environment Conducive to Intellectual Growth and Development. Our intelligence system will be characterized by intellectual energy, growth, development. Analysts and technicians will work in an environment where issues are addressed, problems resolved.

IP, Plans & Operations, Collection Management:

Provide Intelligence Support to Information Operations. Information operations will become increasingly important as we approach, then move into the 21st century. USFK J2, as an organization, will play a significant role in information operations. Ultimately, we'll become intimately involved in all information operations but specifically in C2 attack, C2 exploit, C2 protect.

Intelligence Production:

Produce Relevant Intelligence -- Armistice and War. Our intelligence system will produce relevant, fused (where possible), timely information and intelligence.