ACE - Analysis & Control Element: An Intelligence mission management and analytical hub at the division, corps, or theater level, where intelligence is gathered from the individual intelligence disciplines and fused together to form a composite intelligence picture. Gaps in intelligence are identified and tasked out to the respective collection assets.

ACT - Analysis Control Team: An intelligence cell which aids tactical combat brigades or battalions in managing assigned or attached intelligence assets and conducting analysis.

ASAS - All Source Analysis System: An automated system which aids gathering and analyzing intelligence from multiple sources to form a composite intelligence picture. ASAS is the central operating system of the ACE.

CHATS - CI/HUMINT Automated Tool Set: An automated package of hardware and software designed to aid CI/HUMINT soldiers in processing intelligence. CHATS is replacing an earlier system known as the Theater Rapid Response Intelligence Package (TRRIP).

CI - Counterintelligence: Those activities which are concerned with identifying and counteracting the threat to security posed by Foreign Intelligence & Security Services (FISS) or by organizations and individuals engaged in espionage, sabotage, subversion, or terrorism.

COB - Company Operations Base: Specifically referred to here as the company operations for the Long-Range Surveillance (LRS) company.

DAIS - Domain Adaptive Integration System: An automated intelligence processing and communications program. DAIS is used to transmit and gather intelligence from multiple computers and databases across multiple communication paths at the same time.

HUMINT - Human Intelligence: The gathering of intelligence by human sources. CI, IPW, and LRS are all subsets of HUMINT.

IPW - Interrogation of Prisoners of War: The process of interrogating prisoners of war to gather HUMINT. U.S. Army interrogators are categorized as IPW soldiers, however, their HUMINT capabilities extend beyond simply interrogating prisoners.

MYSTECH - A Defense Contractor currently working on several intelligence automation systems, including: WARRIOR, WARLORD Notebook, and ASAS.

OMT - Operational Management Team: Manned with a mix of CI/HUMINT soldiers led by a CW2/CW3, the OMT is designed to manage two to three subordinate CI/HUMINT Operational Teams (OT). The OMT is a self-contained operational and technical control and analysis element. The OMT is capable of plugging into an ACT, ACE, Rear Area Operations Center (RAOC) or any element which has a CI/HUMINT requirement.

OT - Operational Team: Manned with a mix of CI/HUMINT soldiers led by a WO1/CW2, the OT performs CI/HUMINT operations, investigations, and collection functions.

TEB - Tactical Exploitation Battalion: The TEB is subordinate to the Corps MI Brigade and contains the Corps CI, IPW, and LRS assets.

TPN - Tactical Packet Network: A feature of Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) signal nodes that transmits digital data.

WARRIOR/WARLORD System - A SUN SPARC workstation designed to process, database, and disseminate intelligence information. The WARRIOR is being upgraded to the newer system called the WARLORD Notebook (WLNB). The WLNB comes as either a SUN SPARC workstation or as a PENTIUM laptop.